110% Think Daze deserves a shot

After watching 110% last night, I cannot believe that Bob Gainey would not at the very least give Eric Daze a crack at making the Habs roster this year. Michel Bergeron or perhaps it was Enrico Ciccone said that this guy was the fastest player on the ice practicing with other NHL players at a local rink. Daze says his back is 100%,his conditioning around 80 and is ready for training camp.Now,I know this guy is injury prone,but with his size and skill,how can the Habs lose with an incentive laiden contract?. The answer is they can’t!. The Habs could use his scoring, Daze needs a job, and god forbid this guy ends up in Toronto and comes back to bite us in the ass! Gainey wake up for God’s sake you’ve got plenty to gain and nothing to lose.