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OK, I know that it’s early in the season, but does anybody know who are going to be the unrestricted free agents this summer?

Leafs Ready To Deal For McLaren ,

As mentioned by TFP, the Leafs are attempting to Bloster their defense and the Star suggests they can do so with the likes of Kyle McLaren.

LA lose Allison for season.

Los Angeles Kings centre Jason Allison has a torn MCL and may have a torn ACL. He is out for the rest of the season, thus really hurting the Kings chance for the playoffs.

The Leafs….10 Games that they should get back

The Leafs have played there first 10 games of the 2002-2003 season, and should ask to have those games back. All but 1 or 2 games did the Leafs show what they could do. while all other games played like a bunch of unorganized Pee-Wee players. I think that I have kind of figured out what some of the problems are, and how they could rectify them. There really is no quick fix to solve there woes but if you have watched all there games like I have, you will notice that there are some really big problems screaming at you when you watch.

Early Stanley Cup Pool Info…

OK, here we are 7-10 games into the season. So let’s evaluate our current playoff picture.

This summer was full of big trades and huge free agent signings. This seems to be a reocurring theme in the NHL, come summertime, 25-30 players swap jerseys. The question is, which moves appear to be working out best and for who?

Everyone on this website feels that Kyle McLaren is extremely over-rated, and that any team that accepts a trade will be left holding the short end of the stick. All the people that feel this way must not watch the Bruins on a regular basis………..

This week:

Leafs: Tis the season to forget?

Crackdown helping talented teams…and Tampa?

On the radar screen: The Nashville Predators’ guarantee, Jeff Hackett, the “Things Don’t Ever Change File”, the Minnesota Wild, the “We Can’t Make Up Our Minds” team, Mario Lemieux, the New York Rangers and one of history’s biggest mysteries and a lot more.

Who Wants A Goalie!?

Early in the season and almost every team could use a goalie…… Goalies are still available all over the place.

This might be one of the biggest years that almost every team has their goalies up on the trade block….or need a goalie just as bad….

Mantaray Powerrankings: 10/27

The Mantaray NHL Team Powerrankings

weekending Saturday, October 26th.

A little food for debate.

Eat up!

TORONTO – Rangers not only have been aggressive inquiring about Ottawa’s unsigned Group II defenseman Karel Rachunek (Would you exchange Radek Dvorak and Tomas Kloucek for Rachunek and Magnus Arvedsson? The Senators might), the team has also been knocking on Boston’s door regarding Kyle McLaren, their unsigned Group II defenseman, to Broadway.

Larry Brooks

After seemingly boosting their offence in the offseason with the addition of Mariusz Czerkawski, it seems as if the Canadiens may want to get rid of the scoring winger. After 7 games with nothing to show but an empty net goal, Czerkawski was benched in last night’s 5-3 victory over the Ottawa Senators. Gritty winger Bill Lindsay was played in his place to give the Habs some much needed toughess after being dominated by the Flyers a few nights earlier.

Thrashers' Fraser should be first coaching casualty

The Atlanta Thrashers’ Curt Fraser is poised to become the first coach to be fired this year.

They’re already writing the obits in Atlanta, where the Thrashers are 0-6-0-1 and where general manager Don Waddell said he didn’t “want to be 2-8” after the first 10 games.

The betting is that Fraser, in the final year of his three-year contract, will be fired sometime between Nov. 2, when the Thrashers play game No. 11 against the Florida Panthers, and Nov. 7, when they play No. 12 in Chicago against the Blackhawks. A leading contender for the job will be former Washington coach Ron Wilson. The word from Atlanta is that Ted Nolan, another coach still looking for a job, won’t be considered.