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Have the Senators found a new OWNER?

Canadian billionaire confirms interest in Senators

Sands writes about Leetch and Bure coming back, maybe.

Bobby Clarke tells that Brendl might be gone.

MapleLeafs picks up the latest on Kovalev.

Sather to Coach

The Rangers’ website is reporting that team President and General Manager Glen Sather will assume the head coaching duties of the team, effective immediately.

He will be behind the bench this evening when his Blueshirts take on the Colorado Avalanche.

Finally, Slats gets to sleep in the bed he has made. I don’t think he’s ready for the nightmares that await him, though.

The Dolans have their finger on the “fire” button again. It’s only a matter of time before they press it.

Sergei Fedorov expects to sign with a new agent by today. Fedorov, in the last year of his contract, is off to Sunrise, Fla., this weekend to make his sixth All-Star appearance.

I want him to be a wing but not for $12 million.

The Fourth Period is reporting that Canes head coach Paul Maurice’s job is in jeopardy if there isn’t a better effort in tonight’s game vs. Tampa Bay. I live just outside Raleigh, and word is here that Maurice’s job, while definitely not overly secure, is safe for the time being.

The Canes have struggled mightly at times this year, which has caused many OUTSIDE the organization to suspect that Maurice will be canned in the near future. Sources close to the organization and the local paper, the Raleigh News and Observer, have said nothing as to the apparent reports of Maurice’s demise, except that these rumors are 100% false.

If anything is to happen to Maurice, sources say that it won’t be acted upon (firing) until after the front office takes a hard look up and down the organization, presumably after the regular season. However, there has been talk of possible player movement leading up to the NHL trade deadline in mid-March.

With that said, don’t be surprised to see a move made by the Canes after the All-Star break. But in all likelyhood, that move will not be the firing of Paul Maurice.

Gambling Game


I forget to bet since i am trying other scenarios as well.

I think I will once again change the rules. Hey, worth to keep trying things and then finding the right rules.

B's looking at Drury???

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe speculated on January 26th in his weekly “Hockey Notes” column that the Bruins may have some interest in Calgary Flames forward Chris Drury.

I am so disappointed in him. He is not ready yet, and he appeared to be intimidated about coaching veterans. He was supposed to bring his toughness and hard nosed personality as a coach. Didn’t do so.

Experts Rumore Update: Kovalev Is Coming To T.Dot


Sources close to the sitation say that Toronto management has finally agreed to include Nik Antropov in the package that will be sent to Pittsburgh.

Ok, there were some errors committed by a couple of members or so, but that’s the whole idea. This is a try out.

Changed rule:

Ok, as of tonight, when a member bets an amount of points against the other member, if his bet wins then he wins his own betted points. So, let’s say Mantaray bets 5 points, Rushing bets 4 points. If Mantaray wins the bet, he wins his 5 points, and those are added to his original 25 points. If he loses, he loses 5 points. Makes more sense.

Two local papers floated Owen Nolan rumors trade rumors today. Ross McKeon of the Chronic reported that Nolan’s no-trade clause only takes effect if the Sharks reach the later rounds of the playoffs.

Victor Chi of the SJ Mercury reports 2 reputable Canadian sources as saying the Sharks shopped the right winger to 3 different teams.

Nolan is on a 4 game goal scoring streak, but has been hampered this year with back and groin injuries.

Where will Kovalev go? Palffy on the move? Which GM will fish Nolan out of the t

This Kovalev story is becoming an unsolved mystery. Who will be the one in guilt to steal Kovalev?

Where will Palffy Zig-Zag?

Where will the Great White Shark go?

Rumors from the Rangers is that they might clear up their roster if they fail to make the playoffs. My take on that.

Ok, I don’t know if i am the only one, but I could not get on the site to check out who placed the bets and so on.

So, let’s forget about the first game and continue with the next game of the week. Everyone still has the 25 points.

I kept the original copy of the Match ups and scheduled games.

Make sure you re-read it.

Also, this post could be updated with changes. If you see: ***UPDATED*** on the title of the post, check it out.