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Playoff Eye for Y's Guys

Unhealthy the bulk of the regular season, the Detroit Red Wings appear on the verge of a healthy beginning to the post season, with the exception of Curtis Joseph. How will they fair, possible goalie “controversy”, and an in depth look at what the keys are to win another cup for Motown.

I know everyone always talks about the invaluable benefit of leadership, character and experience come playoff time, but how much is too much? Surely Leafs fan know of all the failed trade deadline signings from recent years; Phil Housley, Doug Gilmour, Glen Wesley, to name just a few. What’s to make anyone think this year will be any different? Can the additions of Ron Francis, Brian Leetch and Calle Johannson make a difference this year, when it’s never made a difference before? Is management really trying to win each year or are they just leading their faithful (obsessive) fans back to the trough so they’ll buy seasons tickets for next year? Or worse still, spend all their money on those stupid flags that Leafs fans hang out of their car windows each year.

HTR's First Annual (and probably last) All-Star Geriatric Team

In my response to one of the last Flyers posts I jokingly said that the Flyers do in fact have one of the greatest teams ever assembled……if the year was 1992/1993….Ba Dump Bump. Then I started thinking about that (there I go thinking again) and decided to look into it a little deeper…(not Jenna Jamison or Marianis Trench Deep….but deeper nonetheless)…..hmmmmm

Has Naslund given up on the current Canucks season?

Has Markus Naslund of the Vancouver Canucks given up on the current Canucks season? Furtermore, has he given up on the team and the NHL as well???

Examining the Playoff Goalies

First a look at the playoff and possibly playoff bound goalies.

Ever since The Bertuzzi/Moore incident, the league has been handing out suspensions left and right. 10 players have been suspended, the latest being Marty Turco (4 games) and Jody Shelley (3 games).

Now Turco gets suspended

From Dallas Stars goaltender Marty Turco has been suspended four games for his stick infraction in Wednesday night’s game against the Edmonton Oilers. & are reporting that Jeremy Roenick will return to the ice on Thursday vs the Islanders. He will most likely wear a protective cage for the next month to protect his jaw.

“With the first overall pick in the 2004 NHL Draft, (ANY TEAM) picks, from Dynamo Moscow, Alexander Ovechkin!”

Well, that scenario might not work.

A Cinderella Story (2004)

It’s happened in the last few years: a Cinderella team has made the playoffs and wreaked havoc upon other, stronger teams. Last year there was, of course, the Mighty Ducks and the Wild. The Ducks only swept Detroit, beat Dallas, and then triumphed over the other team with the glass slipper. The Wild came from behind after being down 3-1 to the Avs and ‘Nucks to win the series. They did this twice. Of course, they got swept by the Ducks. Anaheim went on to the Cup final against New Jersey, but lost in 7.

Come on people, it's 2 weeks until the Playoffs!!!

Where the heck is the article about this!?!?!? I did my Oilers article the other night, and I’m not going to lie, it’s because I’m pumped that they look like they’ll make it (knock on wood).

What the NHL player needs now is more heart sweet heart…

…may be not for some but for everyone.

Anyway sorry for the derivation of the Burt Backarack song, but I was watching Austin Powers in which he and/or Mike Myers song that song in all three of them. Although I personally don’t like it, the song just sticks in the head.

Anyways there is always some idea that someone has for creating more offense OR getting more fan support behind this sport… or just random ideas that would help the game.

Ed Moran writes: “No more doctors, no more symptoms, and no more waiting and wondering: Jeremy Roenick will miss just two more games and then it’s back to work next Saturday.”