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So, it’s Monday and I get all excited about Tuesday morning and some trades happened Monday night as well, and I only took that as a “wow! I wonder what’s next!” I got up early in the morning and bam! There goes the Salo to Avalanche deal. Great start to a nice sunny morning here in Florida for me. But, then passed an hour….ok. Then another one….hmmm. Then another one again. I was so bored. But, it got fun later on.

My grades on GMs for Deadline Week/Day; and analysis.

Todd Bertuzzi is a bad boy. But, believe it or not…..what is the big deal?

Be an analyst! Yes, someone already contributed to that, but I’ll give you directions on how we’re going to do that, before HTR receives 100 articles of trade analysis.

Annd…..NO MORE TRADE RUMORS! I will miss my buddy Bruce Garrioch……ha, not.

The question of suspension, how long is enough?

The big buzz around the league these days is mostly about the “Bertuzzi hit” going as far as shadowing the trade deadline news. I was listening to Ron Fournier (Montreal, sports radio show host) yesterday and he made some good points about this incident and the league’s standpoint. He said that each and every incident is different and must be treated differently, which is true. Also, whether the police are involved or not, will absolutely not change a thing in years to come. The law was involed on Ciccarelli’s hit, McSorley’s hit, and now Bertuzzi’s hit. Even if the law comes down on Todd, it will not stop the next cheap shot or sucker punch from happening a year or two from now.

I agree with all that up to now. BUT.

Be An Analyst : Komic-J on the Montreal Canadiens and Trade Deadline.

Well, now that the trade deadline is behind us, it’s time for us, fans, to speculate about our favorite team’s chances in the playoffs. Living in Montreal, my favorite team is, of course, the Montreal Canadiens and, hopefully, they’ll be in the playoffs this year. Are they in good shape ? Are they going far ? Could they have done more ? What’s wrong, what’s good…here’s what I have to say;

Rucinsky a Canuck reports that the New York Rangers have traded Martin Rucinsky to the Vancouver Canucks. reports Rucinsky to Canucks for Martin Grenier, and R.J Umberger’s rights.

Also, the Canucks acquire Geoff Sanderson from the Blue Jackets in exchange for a 3rd rounder (04).

According to, the Ottawa Senators have traded Shane Hnidy to the Nashville Predators in exchange for a 3rd rounder (04).

Karpotsev an Islander has learned that the Chicago Blackhawks have traded Alex Karpotsev to the New York Islanders in exchange for a 2004 4th round draft pick.

According to, the Phoenix Coyotes have traded Brian Savage for future considerations.

The Sabres have acquired Mike Grier from the Washington Capitals, reports, in exchange for Jakub Klepis.

3-Way Trade reports that the Boston Bruins acquire Brad Boyes, Buffalo Sabres acquire Jeff Jillson, and the San Jose Sharks acquire Curtis Brown.

Thanks to afanofthelakings for notifying us that Andy Delmore is also included in the deal for the Bruins.’s David Pagnotta reports that Carolina Hurricanes Ron Francis has been dealt to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for a 2005 4th round pick. reports that the Rangers traded Greg de Vries to the Ottawa Senators for Karel Rachunek, Alex Giroux.

Stars Sign Sekeras’s Davif Pagnotta reports that the Dallas Stars sign Lubomir Sekeras for the rest of the season. Sekeras played with the Minnesota Wild last season. Also, he will have to clear waivers first. reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed UFA Calle Johansson for rest of season.