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Draper resigned, Palffy received qualifying offer?

According to RDS, Kris Draper would’ve been resigned by the Detroit Red Wings, and the Los Angeles Kings would’ve made a qualifying offer to Zigmund Palffy.

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Take Over Your Team

July 1st is tomorrow. Take over your team now and do what you want for next year. Trade, drop, sign, hire… whatever.

Just remember you’re the Coach and GM not the owner… Don’t forget a cap may be in place soon and let’s try and make these some realistic moves.

Palffy to Become an Islander? / The ''Ministry of Offense'' to be Re-United?

The Los Angeles Kings have offered the talented Zigmund Palffy many contracts but Palffy keeps declining. Ziggy obviously wants to test the UFA market since he will become a free agent on July 1st.

This is the truth on Eric Lindros. Flyer fans sit and say that he is a baby and this that and the other thing. Being a Ranger fan and watching him play and hearing the rumors…. you’re about to hear the real truth.

According to the NY Post. Carl Lindros (Eric’s Dad) ripped into the New York Ranger Organization and Sather which ended the chance of Eric ever playing in New York again. is reporting that talks between Ed Belfour and the Toronto Maple Leafs have broken off. reports that the Los Angeles Kings have re-signed Luc Robitaille to a one-year deal worth $1.5M. also confirms that the Carolina Hurricanes have re-signed Jeff O’Neill to a one year contract.

In other news, the Dallas Stars have acquired Jaroslav Svoboda from the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for a 2005 4th round pick.

Turn Around of a Franchise?

With recent developments it appears as though the Pittsburgh Penguins could be a successful team in the near future even without a CBA that includes a salary cap.

Columbus Claims Sanderson Off Waivers

June 28th, 2004 — The Vancouver Sun reported that the Columbus Blue Jackets have claimed Geoff Sanderson off waivers today fulfilling an agreement the two teams made at the Trade Deadline.

Chicago is rumored to not offer Eric Daze a qualifying offer. This would make him a UFA on midnight Wednesday.

Rangers Captain next year? F.A dips aswell

I was reading a topic in HF forums that asked this question. There were many responses such as Jagr, Holik, Poti. I even heard Ortmeyer! My take on this is…

Holik was never captain material, although he does care for the team

Jagr is way to selfish and would not put the team first

Poti……..self explanatory

Ortmeyer has all the traits but is way to inexperienced and honestly is not that good.

It’s almost July 1st, and that means its free agency time in the NHL. So far, it has been a reasonably quiet period leading up to this point, with very little significant re-signing of impact players, and virtually no trades that anyone would consider important. However, the Flyers are close to making some important decisions towards the upcoming free agency period….and some of them are making me a little nervous is reporting that the Ottawa Senators have traded Patrick Lalime to the St. Louis Blues for a 4th round pick in 2005. Another salary dump by the Sens as they continue to tweak their team roster.

Habs to make changes, who will make the cut?

Well even with the uncertainty regarding whether or not there will be hockey next season, there is still the “long off-season” tendencies which plague most hockey fanatics. Some smell the inside of their hockey bags, some people play numerous seasons of the NHL video game, some take part in hockey sims while others roam aimlessly through the hockey hall of fame just to get that hockey “feeling” that bites us when the puck drops for good in the first few days of October.

Well for my part, I enjoy analyzing my home team and play GM to see what changes I would make. Who I would keep in my lineup, who I would trade for (realistically) and who I would plain cut.

Here’s my own player by player evaluation of this team that swiftly undertook a transformation since Gainey took office.