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A look at what the Rangers could do.

The Rangers after 8 years of spending big cash on aging veteran players, they have finally decided to end the madness and start from scratch. They are now focused on building through the draft and giving the chance for their young prospects to play and rebuild the entire organization.

Not so fast Dallas, Hull to the burg?

To all those who have read the Brett Hull is as good as a star rumors, it wont happen, at least not until after Tuesday.

TSN reports that Brett Hull is set to sign a one year deal with Dallas worth $2.2 million. Hull’s agent says the Stars are “serious about getting Hull.” Armstrong, Tippet, Hull and Hull’s agent are set to meet sometime next week to discuss a contract.

The Montreal Canadiens have signed Radek Bonk to a three-year deal. The monetary figures of the deal were not disclosed.

The Rangers have found a way to split their 3 top goalie prospects time apart and still have a starting goalie with Duhnam.

The question is who out of Lundquest, Blackburn, and Montoya will get a shot at number 1 in the 2005-2006 season?

Pronger Stays A Blue

According to the St. Louis Blues have re-signed norris trrophy winning defensemen Chris Pronger to a 1 year $10 million dollar contract.

How to build the Blackhawks

If I were to be running the Chicago BlackHawks here are some things i would try to make the team better. Keep in mind that the likelihood of any of this happening is slim to none so I am just basing the moves as hockey moves and not at all factoring what the CBA will be like and how restrictive it may be.

I have now a list of trades that seemed to be lop sided back then, but who really got the better end when you look at it now?

Match `Em Up!

Below are sets of players going one on one with each other. Who do you feel will win?

As the trend appears to be to play GM of your favorite Hockey club, Allow me to state my opinon on the NHL’s Sabres and what moves and issues I would address…

Top 15 Best Players for the Next 5 Years

Below is 15 NHL players that I believe will be most valuable for the next 5 years.

(Ranked from best to worst)

Did Andy Van Hellemond’s actions compromise the NHL’s integrity?

Brett Hull’s agent, Bobby Hull Jr., told The Dallas Morning News his brother could make a decision as soon as this week to begin firm contract negotiations with Dallas or Phoenix to play next season.