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With the recent negotiation breakdown I thought that I would look into the feasibility of a salary cap. It seems like the owners won’t bend on this so I looked at the current salary of my favorite team and wanted to see if a rumored cap of 30 to 35 million was even possible.

I will start by saying that my favorite team is the Leafs and their player contracts were the easiest to find as it is listed on their website. I will also answer the arguements that I am sure to hear from fans of teams like Atlanta who only had a team payroll last year of 27.2 million compared to the Leafs 61.8.

So who is the best team in Canada? Well I will attempt to break it down with an analysis for everything that is hockey from goaltending to best fans to defence to best arena. Everything will be covered and from this maybe we can determine who the best team in Canada really is.

Kovalev still hoping to sign with the Habs

Seen in the Corel Center before practicing with his Russian team for their game against Slovakia, Alex Kovalev stated that he still wishes to sign with Montréal Canadiens, talking about his love story with the fans and the organization…

There was a report on The Score that suggested NHL owners, in the absence of any sort of salary cap or “cost certainty” in CBA negotiations, would resort to folding the NHL as it currently exists and starting anew, presumably with the salary cap and other changes they wish to make within the current system.

According to a scout of the Calgary Flames (who has asked me to remain anonymous). The Leafs have shopped Owen Nolan around the league with little success. Now the leafs are on the verge of buying Nolan out of his contract.

League sources indicate both the Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes have inquired about center Jason Allison, who is said to be on the verge of returning to the NHL, the Toronto Sun reports.

So How Much Money is Out There?

So who out there has money to spend? Training camp is a few weeks away and perhaps another season will begin in October. So what has happened this off season and where do teams currently stand? Let us look at the Eastern Conference first. Here you will find the current team’s payroll using data from, the RFAs remaining and the UFAs for each team, and potential players that may be used for trade plus an analysis of the team’s situation. The Fantasy GM category is what teams could do if money didn’t matter. But obviously money does matter these days.

Well after phoenix decided to put an end to the hopes of every Oilers fan. (from what I have heard from sources out of Edmonton, the deal was quite a kick in the junk to Mr. Lowe) Where do the Oilers stand when it comes to finding a number one center. There are a few options when it comes to free agency. announced today that the coyotes have signed free agent Peter Nedved to a 2 year deal. The Coyotes made a very interesting trade as well.

I know I am not alone when I say “Can we give it a rest with Sidney Crosby??”

Wayne Gretzky is my favorite player and without question, the greatest to ever play the game. Still I do not view The Great One as clairvoyant. Nor do I believe ANYONE will ever approach or eclipse number 99’s stats. The NHL has changed and those type numbers will never be repeated. Unless of course they go to a soccer sized net.

Sportsnet has learned that the New York Rangers will announce the signing of goaltender Kevin Weekes on Thursday.

Kovalchuk Signs With Russian Club

Thrashers left winger Ilya Kovalchuk has reached an agreement to play with Kazan of the Russian Super League in the event of an NHL labor stoppage, his agent Jay Grossman told the Atlanta Journal Constitution Wednesday.

Sportsnet’s Hockey Hearsay reports the new World Hockey Association is hoping the colour of money will woo teenage phenom Sidney Crosby to Hamilton this season, the Sun has learned.