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John Dellapina of the NYDailyNews reports that Markus Naslund and Peter Forsberg may want to go Big in the Apple.

Panthers GM Mike Keenan was quoted in today’s Sun-Sentinel saying that his staff will discuss about the possibilities of trading up.

Canadiens GM Bob Gainey has stated that he is looking to trade up.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports that Chris Pronger’s trade possibilities are rising.

The Ottowa Sun reports that the Senators may be looking to trade Todd White and Martin Prusek. Furthermore, Bruce Garrioch states that the Red Wings, Rangers, and Coyotes may be interested in goalie Khabibulin. Also, that the Habs may let Saku Koivu walk, and be in the hunt for Mike Modano.

Reports in Raleigh suggest that the Hurricanes are shopping Jeff O’Neill.

Dallas Morning news repots that the Stars will be looking to trade up in the draft.

– TheFourthPeriod.com reports that the Flyers are looking to slip into 2nd to 5th overall in the draft.

Draft Order:


1-Penguins: Sidney Crosby

2-Mighty Ducks: Bobby Ryan

3-Hurricanes: Jack Johnson

4-Wild: Benoit Pouliot

5-Canadiens: Corey Price

6-Blue Jackets: Gilbert Brule

7-Blackhawks: Jack Skille

8-Thrashers>>Sharks: Devin Setoguchi

9-Senators: Brian Lee

10-Canucks: Luc Bourdon

11-Kings: Anze Kopitar

12-Sharks>>Thrashers>>Rangers: Marc Staal

13:Sabres: Marek Zagrapan

14-Capitals: Sasha Pokulok

15-Islanders: Ryan O’Marra

16-Rangers>>>Thrashers: Alex Bourett

17-Coyotes: Martin Hanzal

18-Predatos: Ryan Parent

19-Red Wings: Jakub Kindl

20-Flyers>>>Panthers: Kenndal McArdle

21-Maple Leafs: Tuukka Rask

22-Bruins: Matt Lashoff

23-Devils: Niklas Bergfors

24-Blues: T.J Hoshie

25-Oilers: Andrew Cogliano

26-Flames: Matt Pelech

27-Avalance>>>Capitals: Joe Finley

28-Stars:Matt Niskanen

29-Panthers>>> Steve Downey:

30-Lightning: Vladimir Mihalik


Thrashers trade 8th overall to the Sharks for the 12th, 49th, and another late pick.

Tharshers trade 12th overall to Rangers for 16th overall, and 41st.

Flyers trade 20th to Panthers for 29th and 2006 2nd round pick.

Avalanche trades 27th overall to the Capitals for 47th and 52nd.

Hurricanes trade Jeff O’Neill to the Maple Leafs for a conditional 2006 pick.

Other News

-Andrew Cassels and Scott LaChance have been bought out.

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So far we’ve had an interesting day. The big star was picked 1st overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins, and I wish them the best of luck.

There is a connection I’d like to make here with hockey fans being upset about the new schedule changes. I am not too happy about them either, but the first thing you have to know is that it’s an experiment and it is not a rule that stays perminently. Second, this league needs to generate money.

How does Crosby and this schedule link? Well, you got Crosby playing…what…. eight or ten games against the Rangers, Islanders, and Flyers. All of those three teams have great ticket sales in regards to full seating.

The media is major in the Atlantic Division, and national media is well based in this region of the USA. So, TV ratings could have a major increase in this region, and it could spread far enough westward. Games will be sold out as fans want to see this Crosby kid play with Mario Lemieux.

So come to think of it, playing ten times against the Rangers and Flyers is quite major as far as money goes.

I really wish Crosby and the Penguins the best of luck, and that Crosby really pans out as the next one for the sake of the NHL.

Some people scratched their heads as to why the Anaheim Mighty Ducks drafted Bobby Ryan and not Jack Johnson (two US born players in top three picks). I fell in love with Ryan’s potential in the past few days that I would have done the same exact thing.

Jack Johnson can turn out to be an elite defenseman, Bobby Ryan can turn out to be a Grade A point leading power forward. In today’s NHl with the rule changes, I’d go for the offense.

I think it was an awesome pick for the Ducks, no mistake made.

The Carolina Hurricanes would have most likely wanted the Ducks to pick Jack Johnson so they could have felt good about trading their current power forward, Jeff O’Neill, and draft their next one, Bobby Ryan. Still, the Canes are starting to build up a strong youth and going back to the Hartford Whalers times when they traded Chris Pronger, this Johnson kid could make up for it.

Now here comes the 5th overall, and I’ll tell you something pretty funny. As soon as this pick was up next I immediately thought about the Phoenix Coyotes picking Blake Wheeler last year.

Well what do you know!? The Canadiens, after getting SO lucky with the lottery, they ended up picking a much not needed goaltender.

Ok, Habs fans are pretty upset about that and they still cannot find a good reason, but the best one I have heard so far is that this pick has something to do with a trade.

Really? Get out of here! Why make a pick with the 5th overall that you do NOT want, and skip players that are awesome prospects? There’s no reason for it. If it has to do with some sort of trade, it better be a good one because the Canadiens really disappointed me with this pick.

The B’Jacks had an awesome pick with Gilbert Brule. Another offensively skilled forward on that team. Man, when will this team make the playoffs? Rick Nash, Zherdev…..Brule. They keep drafting great prospects, and yes it takes time, but this better be a solid playoff contender within the next five years, and same goes for the Penguins.

I don’t know what the San Jose Sharks were thinking, but apparently their scouting staff thinks so highly of Setoguchi, who is very skilled but carries flaws. This was a guy that could have slipped down at 12th easily. A good pick, but a bit overrated by the Sharks, I think.

The Ottawa Senators also blew it. I think Brian Lee has a bright future ahead of him, but at 9th overall over Marc Staal, that is pushing it. I am not a scout, so I am really basing these opinions from what I have studied. And, I remember Lee during the WJC (I think Team USA will be excellent for the next WJC) looking shaky, but making some good plays. Still, not the kind of player I would have picked at 9th overall.

The Canucks had a good pick in Luc Bourdon, who has entered the competition of ugliest eyebrows along with Bobby Holik, Roman Cechmanek, and Tomas Kaberle. But, he is arguably not as good as Marc Staal as some people pointed out. I think he will develop into a smooth defenseman for the Canucks, but Staal would have been the better choice.

The Rangers did a fine job trading their 16th for Atlanta’s 12th overall. I pretty much expected the Rangers to hunt defensemen as they only picked one defenseman in last year’s draft. Marc Staal was argued to go top five or just under the 10th pick. When you grab a player that is expected to go that high at 12th overall, it’s a good pick nonetheless. Later in the second round they also drafted another solid defenseman in Mike Sauer. So, the Rangers are really building a strong defensive core for their future. And, with these new rule changes that enhance the game for offensive/two-way defensemen, these are the prospects you’d want to draft. Staal isn’t a star pick, though that potential could be reached, but he definitely serves great as a two-way defenseman. Rangers now have Tyutin, Pock, Poti, Kondratiev, Baranka, and the addition of Staal as their future core of young skilled defensemen.

The Panthers made a mysterious pick. I think TSN really overrate Kenndal McArdle. I understand he’s got great tools, but from the scouting reports that I studied, this guy, in my opinion, is nothing more than an awesome 3rd line player. Maybe a more talented Jason Blake. McArdle appears to be a skilled forward, but I have a trusting gut feel that his offensive tools won’t make it at the NHL level.

Still, a solid pick for the Panthers as Keenan now deals with four gritty, tough, hard working youngsters in Nathan Horton, Anthony Stewart, Rosty Olesz, and now McArdle.

The Maple Leafs had to get a goalie. Tuukka Rask may take a few years to just be good enough for North American hockey, but he was worth the pick. Maple Leafs really need to start working on their farm system, and starting with a goalie is a good start.

The New Jersey Devils, unsurprisingly, had an awesome pick with Bergfors. This guy will be an awesome player for the Devils and he definitely fits as a Devil. The perfect draft pick for this team, and I would not be surprised to see him within the next two years in the NHL.

That is pretty much it for my immediate thoughts on this draft. It was interesting and a bit disappointing that no real trade took place.

However, I got to listen to the TFP.com radio show, which was pretty good and had great interviews, especially getting Crosby before TSN did. David Pagnotta of TheFourthPeriod.com made an interesting point that there may be impending trades to be confirmed maybe today or tomorrow.

There are still talks that Chris Pronger may be traded, and I would not be the least bit surprised if that happens. He’s got a huge contract, he carries an amazing reputation, so my guess is that he will go to a team that is young and looking for their main leader on defense.

The Panthers, aside from showing interest in Joe Thornton, may also inquire about Pronger, another Keenan favorite. Of course, a player like Bouwmeester cannot be traded in return for Pronger, because the whole idea would be to have that kind of pairing, but don’t be surprised.

My top candidate, believe it or not, who should really go out and get him are the Devils. I know they will do anything to keep Neidermeyer, but forget it. The guy won the Cups, won the medals, he wants a change, and he made it clear. Scott Stevens will go soon, and so who will the Devils have left? Let go of Neidermeyer, let go of Rafalski as well if he gets too expensive, and get Pronger.

My other candidate would be the Rangers, of course. Aside from mentioning the fact that they only drafted one defenseman last year, which caused to draft three d-men in the top 4 rounds of this year’s draft, I think the Rangers may be adding much more defensive depth in preparation of a trade.

If they bought out Holik, why not Kasparaitis? Two reasons. 1) They need a vet d-man who can help lead the younger defensemen. 2) They are trading him. The Blues may as well go for Kasparaitis in the deal, and grab two young players…. or an offensive defenseman, which they really lack, in Tom Poti, who’d fit great in the Western Conference.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but trades should happen by the end of today or tomorrow. The Sabres were looking to trade Miro Satan, and I am expecting that to happen still.

So, this was a good draft and overall most of the teams did quite well, except for few who pretty much blew it in the first round, I think.

Thanks for staying on HTR.com and sticking to our Entry Draft Center post. I hope you enjoyed it.