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Credit going to the wrong person

When you look at the trades the ducks have made you think wow what is this team on? here is what they have lost and they pretty much got for it.

The most loved and hated players in the NHL

This is something big I’ve decided to organize. Who are the most loved, and hated players in hockey.

One Player Sidelined, the Other Finished is reporting that Jason Allison has had his

season ending hand surgery and Belfour plans to have knee surgery! Allison sustained his injury on

March 25th versus the Canadiens while Belfour has

had lingering knee problems. This surely spells the

end for Allison’s career in Toronto and Ed Belofur’s

playing career.

A game of what if…

Ok, so remember a few years back a Russian billionaire, I believe either Roman Abramovich or Platon Lebedev wanted to buy a hockey team, and make it entirely out of Russians, and win a cup, and prove that Russians were the best hockey players in the world. What if this happened…

Flyers Sign Ryan Potulny to Contract

The Philadelphia Flyers announced that they have signed 6’0”, 192-pound center Ryan Potulny to a two-year entry-level contract.

It's All Over

Another day, another season filled of mediocrity for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It almost sounds like a pre-recorded message as Toronto media writers and fans have been hearing and saying it over and over again. With 11 games left and an embarrassing weekend at the Bell Center in Montreal, it appears all but over for the Toronto Maple Leafs who will be missing it’s first post-season in 8 years.

Sens Lose Phillips for 3-4 Weeks

Ottawa has yet another injury. Chris Phillips is out for 3-4 weeks after twisting his knee and getting a 2nd degree strain of his knee in the game last night vs. New Jersey.

Over the weekend TSN’s Dave Hodge was talking about getting rid of the 3 point games. When 2 teams a forced to go into overtime or a shootout, he suggests that the loosing team should get no points instead of 1 point,and the winning team obviously gets the 2 points. His words were ” If you win, you get the 2 points, if you loose, you loose, it’s that simple”.

A decade of games left; playoffs are rght around the corner.

The Big Apple will soon blossom as playoffs and record breakers are bound.

Trade Deadline Effects, how did they perform thus far?

It’s Leafs Hockey Talk

…..annnnnd, why your submitted article does not get posted. Check to see why.

For those who haven’t paid attention to the standings at all this year, the Pittsburgh Penguins are sitting in last place. Fast foward from 2004 to 2006 and… the story doesn’t change.

Berg to leave leafs!

Finland’s state television network YLE reported on their website yesterday that Toronto Maple Leafs has confirmed rumours that Aki Berg won’t be returning to the NHL next season. He instead will return to Finland, where he might play for TPS.

It's time for the Habs to honour #29

With the recent string of jersey’s being retired by the Montreal Canadiens it’s time for the management and ownership to consider retiring Ken Dryden’s jersey.

Marlies Coaching Staff better then Leafs Staff?

First off i want to say Pat Quinn’s resume speaks for it self. However, watching the new NHL its clear that Quinn and the his staff are not quit cut for this type of hockey. Watching them play you can clearly see that the Leafs have no style of play.