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Tampa Locks up Richards

The Tampa Bay Lightning have re-signed their leading point scorer Brad Richards to a 5 year, $39 million dollar contract; making it $7.8M yearly salary.

UFA's – Hidden Gems

Written by Darryl Dobbsfrom

It has been well do*****ented that Patrick Elias will become an unrestricted free agent this summer. The same can be said about the dynamic duo in Ottawa, Wade Redden and Zdeno Chara.


Could it be that Kevin Lowe has built a contender?

During the offseason, Lowe signed up Pronger to a healthy contract, and also signed the likes of Micheal Peca.

Edmonton fans got very excited, and why shouldn’t we?

Where does each team go after the playoffs.

Were down to the conference Finals, and we are left with four teams that no one would have predicted. Well maybe some crazy forecaster predicted Edmonton after the Pronger and Peca aquisitions, but Im sure they’d have to been drunk to call that.

Once the playoffs are said and done, we’ll all sit glued watching what should be a crazy race into next season.

Im gonna go ahead and speculate a bit where each team should sit going into next season.

Fans in Ottawa are getting pretty sick of guarantees from their team leaders. And here’s another from an owner that may not completely understand the ignorance he shows by guaranteeing.

Not only that, Alfie looks like a little school child trying to get Emery out of the net for game 4.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) – Marc Crawford will reportedly be introduced as the new coach of the Los Angeles Kings on Monday. The Kings had scheduled a news conference and said on friday that they would be announcing a new coach as early as monday. A source told The Canadian Press that the Kings are expected to hire former Vancouver and Colorado coach Marc Crawford as the replacement for John Torchetti.

Which Canadian team will be the most active this summer?

As the playoffs wind down with only 4 teams left, the other 26 teams are already busy trying to decide what changes need to be done this off season. I am wondering which one of the 6 Canadian Teams will make the most significant changes. Each team is in a very different situation heading into the summer.

Possibilities for The Leafs this summer…

I am not here to tell you what the leafs are going to do this summer because pretty much no one out there can predict what such an unpredictable organization is going to do over a summer coming off a disappointing year. I am going to tell you in this article some of the more likely possibilities that actually make sense unlike the ones other people like to ramble on about but have no chance of happening in a life time.

Oil Spills in Anaheim, and Weather Forecasts. Plus, Booing the Boos

The Oilers are helping my opinion of them way back before the playoffs. But, will they beat the Ducks?

Why didn’t San Jose win?

Weather forecasters actually predict hurricanes will heat the Northeast, for real!

And….correcting the news about the Canadian anthem getting booed. Should the NHL take away the national anthems at the start of each game?

Also, why hockey is the best game in the world.

Here are the standings after the 2nd round!

Disgrace in San Jose

Anyone who has ever been to a sporting event, not just a hockey game, but any sporting event at all, knows that there is a certain rule; a certain code of conduct. You stand for the national anthems,remove your hat and you DO NOT boo. Well, as I was getting ready to watch game 5 of the Edmonton/San Jose series the other night I found myself able to sit down a little early and watch the anthems being sung, and what do I hear? The San Jose home crowd booing the singing of the Canadian national anthem. This is a complete disgrace. This should never happen and anyone who was taking part in this should be ashamed of themselves.

Should the Sens trade Alfredsson?

I am really wondering why this still hasn’t been talked about alot, given the conversation over a Sundin departure.

Elias plans to explore free-agent market

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – Patrik Elias will explore the free agency market if the Devils fail to come up with a contract that makes the high-scoring left wing want to stay in New Jersey. Elias earned $4.1 million US last season, a year in which he missed the first three months because of hepatitis. His return in January sparked a nine-game winning streak that got New Jersey back into playoff contention and an 11-game run at the end of the season that led the Devils to the Atlantic Division