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Doubts about Bob!

I liked Bob as a player but have my reservations about him as a GM.

Some moves by Bob:

Playoffs a Necessity for the Thrashers

The Atlanta Thrashers were one of the teams at the trade deadline to make a major splash acquiring one of the more marquee players available. In adding a player like Keith Tkachuk, the team feels it has the necessary ingredients to make a big push for the playoffs. The team also acquired veterans Pascal Dupuis, Eric Belanger and Alexei Zhitnik giving the Thrashers sufficient depth to compete in the very tight Eastern Conference.

Esche on his way out? Looking Ahead

Could this be the end of the Robert Esche era in Philly, I think so. With Esche right now being the third wheel after the Flyers opted to go out and get a solid number one goaltender in Martin Biron, it could get interesting to see what they decide to do. To me, it is obvious that Biron will be their number 1 and that Nitty will back him up. Even though Birons contract is up at the end of the season you can beat you Philly cheesesteaks that they are going to resign him.

Hope you guys had fun as much as I did. I was hoping for more and it was up and down on Tuesday where some trades happened in a row and then we went through stretches of boredom.

Still, thanks to Trademan and Lint07. We’re a great team. I was very pleased with the way we changed the layout of the front page. I know it may have not looked as nice, but it gave us, and you, more flow to navigate the links and refresh the page. We were packed and when we’re packed with high traffic, we cannot work the Web site. While it’s frustrating, it is great news for us as well! So, thanks Trademan for allowing me to get the news up on the go, and Lint07 did an excellent job as well. Poor guy was so sick……SO SICK……that he had to stay home from work. Such a brave Habs fan, is he not? Heart and soul guy….smart, yet….not even GM Gainey would trade an 8th rounder for him!

Thanks for your support, the HTR members and the Guests. You make our work fun to do! Check out my grades on the teams for Monday-Tuesday deals.

Dear Ryan Smyth,

Even as a diehard Canuck fan, I was shocked and heartbroken to see you traded from the Edmonton Oilers. You epitomized everything a great hockey player is: all heart, great scorer, ultimate team player, willing to sacrifice your body for the greater good.

You always did what was best for your team, be it the Oil or Team Canada. Your coach could have told you to play goal without pads and you would have gladly done it, if it meant a better chance to win for your team.

Wow – What a day at HTR and thanks guys

Wow!!!! What a day it has been and many moves have been made. Some of the highlights of the action includes Bertuzzi to the Red Wings (as predicted by HTR) Guerin to the Sharks and who saw the Ryan Smith trade coming. We also can not forget the Flyers got them selves a goalie. Biron will get a chance to be a number one and it is our guess that he will not disappoint.

Ok, I would like to say, WOW! A lot of good trades today on Tues .Feb. 27 Trade Deadline Day. I know a lot is happening today, but I have to ask, what do you think the Leaf’ Lines will be, on the return of Wellwood, Tucker, Kubina, Peca, and the 3rd time Leafs, Perreult?

Worst Trades In History

With one of the worst trades I have seen in my life happening today I have decided to list the worst trades in the history of the nhl, here we go, please note these trades are in no particular order:

To Dallas: Mattias Norstrom, Konstantin Pushkarev, 3rd + 4th Rounders
To Los Angeles: Jaroslav Modry, Johan Fransson, 1st + 2nd + 3rd picks

To Calgary: David Hale, 5th Rounder
To New Jersey: 3rd Pick

To Tampa Bay: Karl Stewart, 6th Pick
To Chicago: Nikita Alexeev

To Tampa Bay: Jason Ward
To Los Angeles: 5th Pick

To Buffalo: Mikko Lehtonen
To Nashville: 4th pick

To Los Angeles: Jamie Heward
To Washington: Conditional Pick

To Pittsburgh: Joel Kwaitkowski
To Florida: 4th pick

To Pittsburgh: Nolan Schaefer
To San Jose: 7th pick

Brad Boyes for Dennis Wideman

Smyth an Isle for O'Mara, 1st, and Nilsson

Norstrom a Star ( Hawks made another trade, details soon)

More details to come

Sharks have sent Scott Parker to the Avalanche