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Leafs roundup: Stralman, Toskala, coaching decisions

A loss to Atlanta will set off alarm bells

Anton Stralman will likely make his NHL debut tonight for the Toronto Maple Leafs in their game against the Atlanta Thrashers at the ACC.  Meanwhile, Vesa Toskala will start in goal, replacing Andrew Raycroft.

Leafs practising defensive drills

The Toronto Maple Leafs have talked the right talk thus far.mBut it really has been all talk.

Paul Maurice comes into training camp saying the Leafs need to work on 2 things:
1. Playing a better team defense
2. Staying out of the penalty box

That was over a month ago.

What is the matter with Glenn Murray?

Andy Mead/Icon SMI

I watched the Bruins & Habs game last night, in which Boston was smoked 6-1. I don’t want to get all over the Bruins again this year because this is just one bad loss. However it reminds me of some of the painful ones last year. They are playing with some grit and passion, and that should make them competitive every game. They should be battling for that 8th spot all year long.

The latest on Forsberg

Slam sports is reporting that the Ottawa Senators are at the top of Peter Forsberg’s “wish list.”

Kings goalie search continues ?

Shelly Castellano ICON SMI

The LA Times is reporting that that Kings may be willing to entertain a number of different offers for Frolov or Brown in an effort to get a quality goalie.

Your the Pittsburgh Penguins draft day 03' who do you chose?

Marc-André Fleury drafted 1st overall in 2003 by the Pittsburgh Penguins ahead of Canes star Eric Staal, at the moment Staal seems to be the better and smarter choice from an offensive point a view, it is also said that Goalie take a much longer time to develop in to a Star player. So, let me ask you all a question, if you were the Pittsburgh Penguins draft day 2003, you had Johan Hedberg as your starter the last season he was ready to walk as an FA.

The current CBA seems to mark a breakpoint as we’ve seen last summer with those monstruous offer sheets submitted to Vanek and Penner. According to next summer’s list, this trend will surely continue with such big names. If Vanek can earn an average of 7.1m and Penner 4.25m, how much can Ovechkin, Spezza, Phaneuf, Bouwmeester or Lundqvist get if they remain unsigned!?!

simon gomache, power play, penalty kill, Marlies

This guy has been playing his heart out, scoring, passing, hitting, doing everything he can to help this team win, if every player on this team had the same level of the energy as simon gomache for every shift that they hit the ice, the leafs would undoubtedly be fighting for the first place. I don’t know why, Leafs Players lack passion and enthusiasm that they should have for the game.
being up 3-1 and then losing 6-4 to bunch of 17-1nd 18 year old kids is absolutely unacceptable.

Tucker out indefinitely….

As stated on, Tucker suffered a rather serious knee injury on Saturday against Chicago and is considered out indefinitely.

Quinn to coach in Atlanta???

Steve Russell/Toronto Star/ZUMA Press/Icon SMI

Could Pat Quinn take over the coaching reigns in Atlanta?

Pathers Need a Fighter (Who can Play)

Gary Rothstein/Icon SMI

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Florida Panthers are shopping for fighter who can also play hockey.

Whats wrong in Edmonton ?

Dilip Vishwanat/TSN/Icon SMI

Whats going on with this team you ask…. the simple answer would be they just plain suck balls. However thats not exactly true, the root of the problems in Edmonton start with Craig MacTavish. This guy likes to mix up his lineup on a nightly basis and how do you expect players to gain chemistry together when they have new line mates every other game. Here is my list of the five biggest problems in the city of champions.


     Glenn Campbell/Icon SMI

Its approaching!! Only a few years away!! The 2010 OLYMPICS!! woo cant wait!! The world class tournament will be played on Canadian soil so our nation better ice one helluva team. With the NHL being fully loaded with all-star Canadian talent i dont think we will have a problem with that.