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Still sticking up for big Nik, why do I still have to?

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Well for five years now, I’ve been sticking up for Nik Antropov to my friends and family, and to people on this site (I’ve been an HTR member since 2003). Even after the way he played during the run at the playoffs at the end of the 2005-06 season, with Aubin in goal, Antropov putting up 15 points in the final 10 games, still people questioned his ability. After last years stellar season defensively and solid offensive year, more people were on board yet still there remained many doubters. And after this years tremendous start, still there are many people I have to argue with, who refuse to admit Nik is a talented, potentially great player.

Souray out with separated shoulder

According to : Edmonton Oilers’ defenceman is out indefinitely after suffering a separated shoulder.

According to after starting the season 0-6 with all 6 loses coming in regulation Hartley has been fired by the Thrashers and GM Don Wadell will take over the coaching duties

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I had an epiphany of sorts last night while watching the Canadiens vs. Panthers game on TSN. What provoked this profound insight was the pre-game show, in which Glen Healy was asked, ‘Out of Florida, Toronto and Ottawa, who has a goal tending controversy?’. In a rare moment of brilliance, Healy responded by saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs were the only team out of the three who had an actual, bona fide goalie fueled conflict.

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During the Canadiens’ televised match on RDS, it was mentionned that some trade rumors have been resurfacing between Calgary and Montreal, much like last year.

Yvon Pedneault, the color commentator for the match mentionned that he heard trade rumors involving Alex Tanguay and Alexei Kovalev. These rumors have been floating around since last year. Any truth to them?

Various sources are reporting that the Maple Leafs are shopping Bryan McCabe and his hefty contract. First they need to get him to waive his no-trade cause similar to the Wade Redden situation.

He is interested in returning to the Islanders, the team he was drafted to. The Islanders do have the money available, but will they take the risk and who will they give up?

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According to, the Ottawa Senators signed a one year deal with forward Randy Robitaille, who was playing over in Russia (Yaroslavl Lokomotiv) to start this season.

Is Lafleur's son really Hockey News?

If you check a lot of the hockey news sections of many prominent websites such as and, you’ll see a lot of credible, relevant hockey news pertaining to NHL players and NHL teams. You’ll also see a disappointing, non hockey news story about a former hockey legend’s personal life.

McCabe, McCabe, McCabe!!!

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I’m fully aware that posts have been made with regards to Bryan McCabe’s poor playing ability, but I felt that tonights loss against the Buffalo Sabres in overtime, really emphasizes the frustration of Leafs fans with this particular player. Game in and game out, one cannot accuse McCabe of being inconsistent; although his consistency is of a negative nature. He continues to be a (-) minus player this season, and has even lost his scoring touch.

Habs Trade Rumors Central

Hi all!!!

Starting tomorrow, I will start a series of news on possible habs trades. Please read more…

Boulerice waived

The Flyers have waived the recently suspended Jesse Boulerice. Good move by the Flyers, haven’t seen another team have the guts and drop a player for similar actions. Will be interesting to see if the same happens to Armstrong or Avery next time they do something as stupid.

Paul Mara in Rangers doghouse

     Rich Stieglitz/Icon SMI is reporting that Paul Mara and his large contract may be on the outs in New York.

Latest Forsberg Rumors

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Ok, ok, ok … so the Forsberg talk is getting to be a little much at HTR these days but the reality is that it is our job to post the latest news and info so here we go……