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Oilers to make a move for Murray?

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal is suggesting that the Oilers may have some interest in Glen Murray.

The HOMETOWN Discount

There is an interesting phenominon out there in the NHL that counters the notion that all NHLs are just money hungry jocks that just want to maximise their monetary potential. Some hockey players opt to take LESS money to play for their hometown team. So i got a little curious and wanted to see what the 6 Canadian teams would shape out to be like (excluding goalies) if everyone was to play for their hometown team. To be considered a hometown player one must have been born within an hour away from the city or within the province (ei all BC players are canucks).

Ottawa waiting for offers to roll in

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The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Ottawa Senators are sitting back and waiting for offers to come in for their two quality goalies.

Avery chirps to Blake about his cancer…

While there is no audio proof from the game on Saturday, it appears that Sean Avery (while chirping in the opening skate against the Leafs) made some disgraceful comments to Jason Blake about his dealing with cancer.

Well, here is the 6th Trade Rumour article.

Leafs lose Kubina to MCL surgery

Ray Stubblebine/Icon SMI

Sportsnet and the FAN 590 are reporting the Leafs will be without the services of defenseman Pavel Kubina after an injury to his MCL in Saturday nights shootout loss to the Rangers

Andy Mead/Icon SMI

Why does everyone look at Eric Staal with such respect, and seem to not look at Rod Brind’Amour at all??? Don’t get me wrong, I love Eric Staal, but this is their fourth year together, and Brind’Amour has kicked Staal’s ass all but one year.

I know, I know, another Eric Lindros article. I don’t care. He’s a God. Lindros is apparently Swedish for flower or something stupid like that. Well, if Lindros sets the standard for names, then I guess we should call Alex Kovalev Ballsy Toughasnails, because Lindros is the exact opposite of a flower!

With the talk of Eric’s retirement, i decided to write something in his honor. To be i believe Eric was the best player in the mid 90’s but never came close to the Gretz or Lemieux. That being said Eric in his prime was better then Forsberg and more imposing on the ice then Jagr.

Funny how much changes in a year.

Strong support for another NHL team in Southern Ontario

According to Forbes, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the most valuable NHL team, valued at $332 million.

This value is rather remarkable, considering that the Maple Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup in 40 years. In addition, Toronto came out on top even though it has a smaller population size than New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the largest Metropolitan cities in the United States.


This much can be said: The frustration level between Jason Blake and the Maple Leafs is at full peak. At this stage, no one is quite sure what to make of the other and neither side is happy….

Sourced Trade Rumours 5

Well, here’s the 5th installment of the Sourced Trade Rumours Series. Not much going on around the rumour wise but a few rumours.