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Bieksa out for months

Bieksa’s injury worse than expected. Salo about 1 month from returning

Niedermayer to return in December?

John Cordes/Icon SMI

Here is goes … is reporting that the Los Angeles Times have reported (did you follow that one) that Scott Niedermayer has begun to skate in the LA area with hopes of returning to the Ducks in December.

Hawks stuck with Samsonov and Perreault

The Daily Herald is once again reporting that several players (Samsonov and Perreault) are on thin ice in Chicago.

What's The Points?

I’m sorry for that ghastly title, a horrible attempt at a pun. No this isn’t some depressed rant. This is just a simple numbers game: How many points are the Senators players on pace for.

Sens as good as 1976 Habs?

It seems after the Sens have gotten off to an NHL record 13-1 best start ever, articles are popping up comparing them to the 1976 Habs.

Source (Sorry it’s from the Tabloid Sun, I saw it on TSN but can’t find the link anymore)

As a Sens fan (and I’m sure everyone else on this forum will agree here) I hardly doubt the Sens are even close to the 1976 Habs (yes winning ‘a’ cup would be a nice milestone first) but I have a different theory on why the Sens are off to an incredible start and should have a great year.

Brad Richards to be Habs

I just heard on Les amateurs de sports by Michel Bergeron (ex-rangers and nordiques head-coach)and Michel Villeneuve that Canadians and the Lightning has been talking trade. But none yet. For Tampa Bay : Michael Ryder, Jaroslav Halak and S. Kostystin (Andrei’s little brother at Hamilton). For Montreal: Brad Richards and André Roy.

Halak and the supposed Montreal/SanJose talks.

Rumors have it that Jaroslav Halak has threatened to leave Hamilton and play in Russia if Montreal does not trade him. I can see Halak fitting in on the San Jose roster just fine, but what would we get in return?

HTR Random Articles Take III

Signs say Walz pondering retirement

Saku the ‘Racist’

Rangers, Thrashers, Leafs looking for defensemen

Vote For McCabe

I was just over at reading the list of players on The All Star Ballot. After I wiped my eyes and reloaded the page to make sure my peepers were not playing tricks on me, I was understandably sick.

Leaf fan vending forum

The Maple Leaf’s lost 5-1 to the Sens. The first half of the game saw an uninspired team go down 4-0 to the Sens and it took a time-out/goalie-switch/and major vending spree from Paul Maurice to get this team back to life although they still came up quite short losing 5-1.

A Theory on the Leafs poor play and trade rumors.

I know what you’re thinking….ARGH….another Leaf article. Sorry but I have to get this out there.

Redden to take pay cut to stay?

Icon SMI and other media outlets are reporting that Wade Redden may be willing to take a pay cut to stay with the powerhouse Senators next season.

Sundin as a playoff rental?

Bernie Nunez/Icon SMI

Pierre LeBrun of provides a bit of speculation regarding the “sizzling play” of Mats Sundin.