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Forsberg close to retirement?

The Courier Post on-line is reporting that Forsberg may be close to retirement.

If the Canucks were to trade.

Fair enough, the Canucks play the season has been less then stellar; they have suffered many defensive set backs mixed with being unable to score. Many people are suggesting trades but they seem too implausible or trade our young to get better now, the same mistake the Canucks have made forever. The right course action would be just get through the season and spend the newly freed up 10 millions dollars, from Naslund’s and Morrison’s contracts, on free agents.


This is a rant from a really angry die hard leaf fan .

I am sitting here in agony watching my leafs get man handled by a better and better Coached team in the Ottawa Senators score 4-0 and counting . It has come to me that it is not our defensemen that are the problem but our defensive play as a whole (team) giving up three short handed 2 on 1’s on the same power play and one resulting in a goal is just pathetic .

Bad starts : defensemen

Here’s a list of all the impact players that are not giving satisfaction to their respective teams. Because they are starting to be a negative charge for the rest of the team, a change of scenery might be the solution :


The Habs have started off pretty well and are playing better than anyone expected. Yet still, there is always room for improvement and they have a few problems to fix.

Surprising star – balanced power play

The Habs are not at the bottom of the conference like most professional analysts predicted. They are doing quite well in fact. Mainly because of the Power Play.

Tuukka Rask to make NHL Debut?

Boston local sports station NESN and are reporting that the Bruins have recalled Rask from Providence and sent goalie Jordan Sigalet back to Providence.

Matvichuk placed on waivers

various sources are reporting that the Devils have placed the D-man on waivers. He will cost a team $1.39mil if they want to pick him up.

The good, The bad, and the ugly start for the Leafs

An optimist could argue the leafs are a top notch offensive team waiting for the defense to find its groove before the team takes off. A pesimist would argue their a bad team on a hot streak, waiting to collapse into the basement once the scoring slows down.

Sourced Trade Rumours 4

I was just looking through a few sites and all of a sudden, a lot of rumours started popping up and I decided to make Trade Rumours 4 a few days before I intended too. So, here it goes.

MTL needs a big man who can score

This is hard to say but I think the Leafs may have something the Habs want…

Hawks looking to move Khabibulin?

Warren Wimmer/Icon SMI

Tim Sassone of the Chicago Daily Herald raises speculation that the Hawks may entertain offers for Nikolai Khabibulin.

Marian Hossa Speculation

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal weighs in with a listing of what he feels are the ten most likely teams to land Marian Hossa.