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Oilers should go after Lazar

Doesn’t look like the Sens will go after a big name player

Tampa Bay looking for a top 4 d man

Transitioning from the impact that the Stamkos injury has had on the Lightning, Friedman also mentioned that “their defense has kind of fallen apart. That’s been a big one. Yzerman is looking for a defenseman.”

The sentiment that Yzerman would like to add a Top 4 blueliner has certainly been a common theme for well over a year. We’ve barely seen any deals this season because the NHL trade market has basically been frozen because of both league parity – meaning a lack of defined deadline sellers so far – and salary cap restrictions that have handcuffed a large portion of franchises.

It was a few days after Yzerman’s trade comment that TSN’s Bob McKenzie had mentioned that he didn’t think the general manager would trade Jonathan Drouin.

With Matt Duchene and Gabe Landeskog, it must be a great deal … or no deal

Here’s what I think is going to happen: As the March 1 trading deadline approaches, whether that means in the final weeks or the final minutes, the Avalanche will have decent — not great — offers on the table for Duchene and Landeskog.

By “not great,” I mean a package that doesn’t qualify as a mouth-dropping difference maker. A great “offer” is: Did they really offer that? To qualify as great, it would have include an eventual long-term, standout defenseman for the franchise. And more.

Hawks looking at Nyquist and Tatar?

Red Wings not ready to start selling — yet

Maybe it’s too late already. Maybe the hole is too deep and there are too many teams to leapfrog to make the playoffs again. Maybe Holland will have to trade his pending unrestricted free agents — Vanek, Drew Miller, Steve Ott, Brendan Smith — to gather assets for the future. Maybe he should make more moves to clear out veterans and open opportunities for younger players.

Vanek, 32, has been traded prior to the deadline before, when the New York Islanders sent him the Canadiens in 2014. He is the Red Wings’ most attractive chip with 30 points in 33 games. He knows the deal.

Dreger on Shattenkirk rumours, possible fit in Toronto

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joins Naylor and Landsberg to discuss the possibility of the Maple Leafs trading for Kevin Shattenkirk, if he is a good fit in Toronto and which coaches are on the hot seat.

Friedman thinks Jets’ trade price for Trouba will eventually be met

During a lengthy Friday morning discussion on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 which included a section on the Jets’ issues, NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman was asked if the franchise’s struggles meant we could potentially see Trouba in play earlier than we might have expected.

“I think Trouba is almost always in play. I really do.” said Friedman. “I still think there are teams – nobody looks at this two-year deal as a long term solution. I just think that Winnipeg’s thought process hasn’t changed. ‘You’re going to have to make it worth it to us to do it.’ I think at some point in time somebody is going to. I do.

All eyes are on Joe Sakic

All eyes are on Joe Sakic, with his Colorado Avalanche on track to barely crack 50 points and trending toward the worst season in franchise history.

For that, forwards

and both land in the top five of TSN’s first Trade Bait list of the 2016-17 season. Sakic’s price for both players remains high. It may be more prudent for Colorado to wait until the off-season to reshape the franchise, when more teams will be willing to part with prized pieces, but the clock is ticking.

Wings’ Vanek could be trade bait at deadline

The Red Wings are going to face an interesting choice concerning Thomas Vanek.

If the team steadily drops out of playoff contention, or the gap widens just enough where the playoffs become a longshot, does general manager Ken Holland turn to seller and dangle Vanek, a prospective unrestricted free agent, for the March 1 trade deadline?

Surely, in what could be a weak trade market in terms of impact players, Vanek could be considered a prize for a playoff contender.

Sharks should give Thornton three-year deal he desires

Sharks center Joe Thornton has a history of signing three-year contracts, currently on his fourth such deal right now, taking him through the conclusion of this season.

And, he reportedly wants another one, as agent and brother John Thornton recently told ESPN.

There’s probably no rush to get it done from either side. For Thornton’s part, he enjoys playing in the Bay Area, and with two young children it’s no surprise he’d like to remain where the sun’s always shining, yet the NHL spotlight isn’t quite so bright.

Stars looking for a speedy winger?

What could an Avalanche/LA trade look like?