A Choice of Youngsters

Me and a someone I know (a Bruin’s fan) have had a debate as to who is a better player to have on your team/to build a team around: Kyle Wellwood or Patrice Bergeron. I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts especially from non Leaf or Bruin fans. I’ve included some stats.:)Kyle Wellwood: 5-10 180 pounds

Patrice Bergeron: 6-0 186 pounds

Kyle Wellwood Seasons:


65 GP 14+37=51 and +18 on 3rd line. 0.78 ppg


68 GP 35+83=118 and +47 , leading league in scoring. 1.74 ppg


54 GP 30+45=75 with his second half of the season being on a mediocre team (he was traded for Jason Spezza)


57 GP 41+59=100 and +18. 1.75 ppg

2003-04 (In AHL)

76 GP 20+35=55 leading the league in rookie assists on a team that finished last in their division.


80 GP 38+49=87 and +20. 1.09 ppg

4th in AHL scoring as a sophmore, on a line with enforcer David Ling (who finished 3rd in league scoring).

2005-06 (as of Monday afternoon)

23 GP 4+9=13 and +7 on a 3rd or 4th line playing 11:17 a game. That averages to 1 point every 20 minutes

2003 World Juniors:

6 GP 1+4=5 as an 18 year old on a line with Upshall and Bouchard on a mediocre team.

Patrice Bergeron Seasons:


70 GP 23+50-73 and +27. 1.05 ppg on a Bathurst’s top line setting up junior star Olivier Fillion.

2003-04 (NHL Rookie)

71 GP 16+23=39 and +5 playing 16:20 a game. That means a point every (approx) 29:40 of playing time. 0.55 ppg

2004-05 (AHL)

68 GP 21+40=61 and +2. 0.8 ppg on a line with top prospects Brad Boyes and Andy Hilbert.

2005-06 (as of Monday afternoon)

24 GP 6+8=14 and -10. 0.58 ppg

That’s with 19:18 of icetime per game, meaning 1 point every (approx) 33:05 seconds

2005 World Juniors:

6 PG 5+8=13 as a 19 year old with NHL experience playing with Sidney Crosby and Corey Perry on a junior dream team.

Head to Head:

Junior Rookie Season: Bergeron has way better stats. He however was playing on the first line with a star player and was a year older. Wellwood was on a 3rd line and cracked the team as a 16 year old.

17 year old Junior Season: Bergeron played his rookie season. Wellwood, in his sophmore season, led the league in scoring. In comparison a 17 year old on most teams is a 3rd or 4th liner if anything. The only 17 year olds to league a junior league in scoring at age 17 or younger are Sidney Crosby, Pavel Brendl, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard…and ofcourse Kyle Wellwood.

2004-05 season in AHL: Wellwood had way better stats then Bergeron even if you factor in Bergeron missing a fair bit of the season for international play. Wellwood beat out NHL-seasoned Matt Stajan as the Baby Leaf’s top pivot and turned enforcer David Ling into superscorer. This was his sophmore AHL season. Bergeron didn’t even have a point per game playing on a more talented club and way better linemates.

2005-06 season in NHL: So far the stats are unsure. Bergeron has the edge in stats, but has played on better lines than Wellwood (due to it being his sophmore, not rookie season). He’s also played almost double the time Wellwood has. Kyel Wellwood DOES have, however, a better +/- and a better average of ice time per point.

I therefore leave it to you to judge. Let the debate begin and the word be decided!