A more realistic Toronto Maple Leafs approach

Over the past couple of days, weeks, and months, I’ve been reading leafs rumours that have been absolutely ridiculous and make no sense at all. I’ve decided to write what I think the leafs should, and realistically, could do. Here it goes, by the way this is my first article so comments are welcome.

trade deadline possible deals:

i will start by saying i believe kaberle will stay, but a deal that could potentially go through is:
to Boston: kaberle
to Toronto: blake wheeler, 1st rounder in 2009, 3rd rounder in 2009

Pavel kubina to Montreal for a 2nd rounder in 09. montreal is in need of another defencemen if they’re going to go anywhere in the playoffs.

Jason Blake continues to play hot but I don’t feel that any team would be willing take a chance on him, especially considering his contract status.

Nik Antropov to columbus for a 2nd rounder in 2009 and 2010. Sources have said that antropov was only worth a 2nd last year. Although he has been recently criticized by Brian Burke, I believe Columbus will overpay a little in a bidding war in order to make a push for the playoffs.

Ponikarovski can go wherever. Doesn’t really matter. He’s definitely worth a 2nd rounder and if you can get anything better than that, go for it. Chad Kilger last year was worth a 3rd, and poni is much better in my opinion.

Dominic Moore has probably been my favourite leaf over the last couple of years. His trade value is probably as high as it will ever be right now, but I say hang on to him unless someone is willing to overpay. This guy gives it his all every night and could be a nice piece to the puzzle in future years.

Vesa Toskala needs to go. I believe that LA would be a good fit for him. They are in need of a starting goalie right now, as they still believe they are in the playoff race (i dont however). Value is low right now but it is not out of the question to get a 2nd rounder for his services.

Lastly, Ian White should be moved. The log jam that the point is too big that anton stralman has to play in the marlies for half the year. He should be in the big leagues gaining experience, and moving white would ensure him a spot. Ian White to Florida for a 3rd round draft choice in 2010.

All of these moves are extremely possible and set them up for the draft come jun. The leafs will probably pick between 3-9. With this choice, I would select Evander Kane, a prototypical brian burke player. Watch out for this kid at next years world juniors.

The offseason will give the leafs plenty of opportunity as some big names are out there. I sign Jay Bouwmeester if i can, he will probably get 6 years @ about 6.5-7 mill per year. Much speculations is growing that the leafs will sign the sedin twins, but I wouldn’t bother. I still think they need at least one more year to ‘tank’ until they can start contending. Burke will also go hard after Niklas Backstrom this summer, and for good reason. If not, it looks like Pogge will be given his time to shine.

It should be noted that burke will definitely have a ‘burke style team’ assembled for next year. They will be bigger, badder, and tougher.