A numbers game?

Fans continue to argue whos team has a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup but only one group of people will be right. And that group of people might not develop until the final weeks of the playoffs.

Many of us are biased in our picks, looking at our own beloved team through rose colored glasses. Many of us throw stats out the window stating that the playoffs is a completely different season. This may be true but I believe, and you can disagree, you need to follow some numbers for your prediction to hold some water. I have come up with the following numbers for playoff teams that may hinge on performance.

Home points-Road points-Game scoring 1st(wins)-Winning % when leading after two-Winning % since Jan. 1st

These stats are critical for a teams success. Whether or not you want to use them in your argumemt is up to you.

Tampa 52-51-48(34)-.865-.763

Phi 54-44-42(27)-.914-.597

Bos 46-53-32(19)-.759-.743

Ott 56-40-43(28)-.800-.622

Tor 47-50-41(30)-.865-.528

Nj 48-48-46(35)-.833-.541

Mon 49-42-50(33)-.879-.662

Nyi 52-34-37(25)-.857-.529

Det 62-41-44(34)-.837-.703

Col 43-51-45(27)-.818-.662

SJ 55-45-43(28)-.868-.647

Van 45-48-45(28)-.857-.543

Dat 58-37-39(29)-.813-.662

Cal 46-44-39(28)-.839-.541

StL 51-36-41(25)-.813-.434

Edm 51-36-35(23)-.885-.597

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