Alfredsson and Sens Reach Deal

The Ottawa Senators and Daniel Alfredsson have reached a deal that will keep the captain in a Senators’ uniform for the rest of his career.The deal has a length of 5 years, worth 32 million dollars along with a 7.5 million dollar signing bonus. It also includes options that could extend the deal to 8 years at close to 50 million dollars.

This is great news for the Senators and their fans. It shows that new owner, Eugene Melnyk, is commited to winning now and in the future. Last year, this deal would not have been able to be done, but the Senators organisation is finally financially stable. Now they can keep the likes of Hossa, Havlat, Chara, Redden, etc in Ottawa for a long time.

20 Responses to Alfredsson and Sens Reach Deal

  1. sensman99 says:


    ALFIE A SEN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tradedude says:

    I feel your pain

  3. sensman99 says:

    Are u a Leaf fan thinking Alfie’s a puss?

  4. Tradedude says:

    No way!!! Alfie is the strongest man alive!!!

  5. Viller says:

    wtf… this is a VERY bad idea.

    signing a europeen to a 8year contract what a *****ing waste.

    Look for his production to go down alot in the next few years.

    Plus those 3 year options ar eplayer side so he can play like crap and make money for the next 8years.

    Thats way too much.

    Problem is they give the big money to Alfy and they wont offer half of what Hossa and Havlat wants…

  6. sensman99 says:

    No… Mariusz Pudziowski is. I saw the strongest man competition lol.

  7. Tweek says:

    Very important that the sens signed this guy. He means a lot to the city and the team and although I at times question his actions and words that he choses to say he is a great hockey player and a average leader. When I think of senators I see him and his gigantic hair, good signing for the sens.

  8. kidhenry1 says:

    I don’t see why it’s a waste to sign a european to a long-term deal. If you think he’s gonna go back to Europe, then you’re wrong–if he wanted to he wouldn’t have signed for 8 years.

  9. jpmac says:

    Now that they got him they should give the “C” to the real leader….Redden

  10. tommyP says:

    Alfie and havlat r europeans too….and Alfie plays hard and is consistently a good player…also the last 3 yrs are not player options….they can BECOME player options if he meets certain playing standards the first 5 yrs….if not , they are club options

  11. Donovan says:

    They’ll never win the Cup as long as the muppet is leading them

  12. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Alfredsson is obviously a huge part of their team, but he doesn’t seem cut out to be the captain. It might just me my theory that Europeans (and Mike Modano) don’t make good captains, but he just doesnt seem to be that leader that can pull the team together when they need it. I mean, he’s still their star player, and a very key part of the team, but maybe as far as leadership goes, someone else should take over? I guess its kind of hard to take the C from him now though.

  13. CaptainModano says:

    hahaha great comment about Modo….i’m seriously considering a name change after this season’s performance!

  14. LF2004 says:

    awesome game by the sens last night!!!!!!!!!

  15. natural says:

    The 3 option years in the contract only become Alfie’s choice if he meets certain criteria in the previous season (ie: points). If he doesn’t meet the criteria, the option becomes the club’s. So if Alfie’s point production slips, Ottawa can just dump him.

  16. natural says:

    None of us know what is said in the locker room, or off the ice in general. If John Muckler (Assistant coach during the Oiler’s dynasty in the 80’s) and Jacques Martin believe Alfie makes a good leader, they’re probably right.

  17. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Yea, it pains me to say it, he’s been my favorite player for years, but he’s just not cutting it as Captain. It’s a weird feeling seeing him on the ice and expecting the other team to score. Or watching a terrible turn over and asking “who the hell did that?” and seeing number 9 skating to the bench with his head down.

    Hopefully he pulls it together for playoffs, and next season.

  18. JeffBurnz09 says:

    During the playoffs, in the New Jersey series, Muckler came out and said they need leadership, and someone has to step up and take control of the team…Didn’t sound like Alfredsson was doing to job back then…..I’m not trying to knock the guy, I like him, I just wonder if he’s really the best choice for captain.

  19. hockeyhead says:

    dan is an awesome player. i would take him. love or hate a team, there have to be players you would want except maybe tom fitzgerald.

  20. TheCoach says:

    Polish Pride

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