Big Signings pushing other teams to their cap limits

The dogdays of the summer season are officially upon us. What is interesting though is just how much money teams continue to be willing to spend to lock up their players long term. For example, according to, the Nashville Predators just spend 64 million dollars to lock up Ryan Johansen for 8 years. Wow, that is 8 million US dollars per year on a young player who has never had more than 71 points in a single season.

What is a little scary about the signing of Ryan Johansen is how it will effect other teams who are trying to sign their high profile players and stay under the salary cap. For example, the Edmonton Oilers have Leon Draisaitl to sign and it could easily be argued that he has a higher upside that Johansen.

Even if we look further, we could think about how this deal could effect the Vancouver Canucks as they look to sign Bo Horvat to a new deal. Horvat had 20 goals last year and is looking to have a huge upside. Does this mean that he is now worth 5 million or even 6 million per year on a bridge contact.

It is also interesting to consider how teams are pushing each other toward the cap. Some people may say that the pushing toward the cap is making it harder for other teams to complete. Speaking of looking at money you should check out the Online casino reviews at .

In other hockey news, it seems like the end of an era for three great veteran hockey players. Doan, Iginla and Jagr have all failed to find teams that are willing to offer them a contact for the next hockey season.

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