Bruins shouldn’t force a deal at trade deadline

When it comes to reinforcing this team for the stretch run and for the next few seasons, the Bruins are best served with hockey trades, such as the one that brought Brett Connolly last year for a pair of picks. Connolly is young, under control, and has room to improve. At the moment, he is not a go-to No. 1 right wing. But he is playing a good grind game next to Marchand and Bergeron, even if he doesn’t develop into the sharpshooting snapper that Lightning scouts once projected him to be.

The teams that do best with rentals before the deadline are the ones that need a final complementary piece to advance to June. Clubs in this category are Chicago, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Washington. The Bruins are not in this bucket, not when Loui Eriksson’s time is about to expire.

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