Enough of Buff and his gaffes and giveaways

It is time for some addition by subtraction: The Winnipeg Jets need to move Dustin Byfuglien and get the most they can for him.

Less Buff will be best for the Jets now and going forward.

Whether it’s at the trade deadline or this summer when the salary cap rises and loosens up the market, Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has to do what he can to get a return for Byfuglien.

In the interim, coach Claude Noel should limit his minutes. The addiction to Byfuglien has to end. It’s killing the Jets and Noel’s future as head coach.

It’s impossible for the coach to preach system and puck management when one of his minutes leaders refuses to buy in. It’s time to stop thinking about Byfuglien’s potential and look at his reality. He’s a hazard.

But Lord, can he take your breath away, many will argue. He sure can, but the risk outweighs the reward when the present and future of this team are taken into account.

‘Not consistent. Not playing my top. Something I have to figure out myself’– Dustin Byfuglien, speaking Monday, about his performance on the weekend

Last season, it was easy to blame Byfuglien’s woes on his weight and lack of fitness. It was a mirage that I bought into. Playing in the neighbourhood of 300 pounds doesn’t help, but fitness or a lack thereof is not what primarily holds Byfuglien back. It’s his refusal to play responsible hockey.