Credit going to the wrong person

When you look at the trades the ducks have made you think wow what is this team on? here is what they have lost and they pretty much got for it.










Look at the duck team before these trades and after most would wonder how can they compete?

they currently sit in 7th in Goals allowed with 198 and tied for 18th with 218 goals. Now in a recent poll on Brian Burke won the poll as the gm having the best year. I saw this i could not help but laugh and neither could my brother or my girlfriend for that matter. How does selling your team make you a good gm? You sell your team and your team still manages to win. Who gets the credit here? GM? depends on the players he/she brings in and in this situation its not the GM. alot of the credit has to go to Randy Carlyle the coach.

Besides Selanne, Giguere and Niedermayer who is proven on this team before the season started? Absolutly no one.

for those i listed here are their stats

Selanne (Gp,Go,A,P,+-)

70 34 42 76 27

Niedermayer (Gp,Go,A,P,+-)

72 12 45 57 7

Giguere (Gp,Min,GAA,W,L,Ot,Sv)

51 2860 2.60 24 12 11 .913

So who should get the credit for this team? Burke no not a chance. He is a good gm yes but not a chance. I said it at the start of the season Giguere will need a solid season, Selanne will have to return to form and Niedermayer will anchor a somewhat decent defence.

this team is coming together after selling their team and overcoming many obstacles. one of the fortunate teams to not lose anyone to injury. Randy Carlyle, Scott Niedermayer, Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Teemu Selanne deserve all the credit for getting the team to where it is now. Burke Deserves only a bit for brining in 3 out of the 4 above but thats it.