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What kind of moves can we expect from Nill this offseason? With a boatload of cap space, and a plethra of tradeable assets (take your pick) do you see them hitting the FA board hard, or looking at trades to bring in top 6 talent on the offense and a #1 big D-man who can eat a lot of minutes and protect Kari?

I would lean more toward trades. 1. They do have a ton of assets, many of whom are similar. 2. The trade market should be boosted by the fact that the salary cap is going down next season. I think the trade market could be very interesting for the Stars this summer.


The Red Wings have never been a trade happy team, will Jim Nill be more open to trades?

I think he has to be. The Stars are set up for trades this summer, so I think that he has to consider that as a viable way of acquiring talent. Plus, he scouts as much as anyone, so he knows when there are good players available, and he knows who he might want on his team. I just think that he is set up to make some good trades this summer.