Deal Or No Deal: Leafs-NYR

I want to play a little game with the HTR readers called Deal Or No Deal. I’m going to propose a trade that I have not heard is out there, just for a little fun, and I want your feedback. We’ll start in the “Center of the Universe” with a trade proposal between the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Glen Sather’s Rangers clearly have 2 glaring problems – a) they need cap room; b) they desparately need a puck-moving defenseman. The Leafs have both!

Brian Burke has already set the market for D Tomas Kaberle (player, pick, prospect). He has also suggested that he’d be willing to take on salary… for a price. The question is – Is Burke willing to take on salary for more than just one year?

Burke and coach Ron Wilson will likely team up for the U.S. Olympic team next season, and one player who may play a big leadership role on that club is F Chris Drury. Back when Drury was a UFA, the San Jose Sharks (then coached by Wilson), were rumored to be after him. Drury has a Stanley Cup ring and is thought of as a clutch performer with awesome character. His leadership & ability is just what the Leafs could use in their rebuild. The hitch – 3 more years at 7.05. Oh… and the no-movement clause in Drury’s contract. But since this is hypothetical anyway, lets assume its not an issue.

This leads us to the Burke-Sather relationship. The two are close friends and co-owners of the WHL’s Chilliwack Bruins. They could easily “scratch each other’s back’s”.

So the deal:

To NYR: D Tomas Kaberle & F Jamal Mayers
To Toronto: F Chris Drury, F Colton Orr, D Bobby Sanguenetti & a 1st round pick.

Its not as though Drury has no value, just that his value is lessened because of his contract. By making this deal, the Leafs would be doing the Rangers a HUGE favour (not only the 2.0 in cap relief, but the puck-moving defenseman as well), and Sather could help the Leafs’ rebuilding process with Sanguenetti & the 1st. The Leafs aren’t likely to find a better center in the UFA market this summer and Drury could be Mr. Everything in Hogtown. And the Leafs could dump Mayers’ contract back on the Rangers for Orr. The tough guy may be less likely to play come playoff time, and Mayers could add the kind of grit & experience playoff teams are looking for. Not to mention that Burke solidifies the club’s toughness by adding the heavyweight, a Burke requisite. Sanguinetti is blessed with offensive gifts and knows when to jump into the play for an offensive chance. He is the Rangers top prospect and would almost certainly have to be involved in any Kaberle deal.

So if Burke wants a player, prospect & pick for Kaberle, and with the Rangers looking to shed salary, does this deal make sense? Is it close? Keep in mind, the deal should be slightly skewed in the Leafs favor based on the cap savings Slats is making. Is there something there? Or is this just non-sense (I know I’m opening myself up to criticism with that statement, but as I stated – just for fun; no name-calling please, LOL)

Ranger fan, Leaf fan, hockey fan – Deal Or No Deal?

**Deal Or No Deal 2.0**
(if you want it)