Are Devils’ defensemen trade bait for a top six forward?

Even before the Devils hit a rut and began to falter over the last half-dozen games, general manager Lou Lamoriello was formulating a plan for what the team needs to become a serious Stanley Cup contender post-Parise.

The consensus is that Lamoriello will try to obtain a top six forward who can bring some offensive punch to the first two lines, but will he have enough to trade for that caliber of player without having to give away a top prospect like University of Michigan defenseman Jon Merrill?

Or would the GM be willing to deal one or two of the club’s top players?

“I don’t have a no-trade, no-movement or any of those, so I know it can happen,” said defenseman Andy Greene, whose name often seems to come up when trades are the topic. “I know Lou is going to do whatever is best for the team that he sees fit. It that’s it, that’s it. I can’t argue with him about that. It’s not something I put a lot of energy or focus into.”