Ducks Could Play Andersen Trade Card

“The other thing too is, at some point in time, John Gibson’s got to play. So I wonder if – and I don’t know this for sure – but he’s got a really nice chip there in Frederik Andersen. Gibson’s signed long term, Andersen isn’t.

“It’s purely an educated guess, but I could see that being the card he plays.”

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  1. kessel_leafs81 says:

    Nice to see this site is back running with the comment section. Wonder if people stopped visiting this site because of the long absence. I know I did for a while till now.

    Anyways, I would assume they would try and deal anderson but the goalie market just doesn’t seem to be there right now. Besides Buffalo with the injury to lehner I don’t see anyone really paying much for a goalie.

    Another note, the longer Stamkos stays unsigned the more excited I get that there is gonna be a massive deal. I could really see Calgary going hard for him and I read that a deal could involve Monahan or Bennett. That’s definitely a good start to a package but if Stamkos doesn’t resign with Calgary it could put them back into a rebuild for a while. But stamkos would be huge for that organization. I have to throw in how much Id love to see him being a leaf though.

  2. leafy says:

    This used to be a great website. What happened?

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