Fairness of the league

Today Randy Jones was served up with a 2 game suspension for his hit on Patrice Bergeron during the 2-1 Flyers win on Saturday. Many fans that are against the Flyers have called for a lengthy suspension against Randy Jones for the hit. Is this simply because fans around the league hate the Flyers and consider them a goon team and compare them to the Broad Street Bullies of the 70’s? Or is it they want an example made of these players to cut down on the checks and hitting that are resulting in injuries.

While browsing the ESPN message boards I was reading about the fairness of the suspensions to the Flyers players and how other players around the league so far this season have escaped any kind of punishment for hits of the same malicious nature. I am not here to defend the suspensions against the Flyers but I am seeing a huge bias in the way punishment is being levied against the Flyers. I offer you this videos some of them from this year where no suspensions were handed out. And mind you some of these brutal hits came after the Randy Jones suspension. Let me know your thoughts. I for one am kind of tired watching the Flyers being targeted for suspensions and other players getting nothing.

(Copied from ESPN.com message board courtesy of Phil07ly)

Andrew Peters cheap shot


Tootoo and Weller






From last year:





If you know of any others, preferably from this year, post them. Apparently, we’re not the only team with questionable hits, we’re just the only team being held accountable.