Farm Report : Marlies

We have heard countless times of how the Leafs are near the cap limit, and I have viewed a few sights but each have different numbers on how close they are. The typical amount amount i’ve seen is 200 000 of cap space left (I will not confirm this number as i do not know the true salary Figures) We also all know how much money our beloved Buds make annually, so this is why i suggest the following.

Many top columnists, and hockey people in Toronto have claimed how the Leafs don’t have enough depth or Talent on the Farm minus acouple of prospects (Stralman, Pogge, Ling). They have a good back-up goalie in Scott Clemmensen, who has played solid in the AHL, and yes i do understand that the quality of hockey is differet from the AHL and NHL.

Most of us can agree that most Leaf players are playing below standard and other not. My suggestion is such, we can send a few of those underachievers to the Farm through the waiver wire, because we are not able to trade many of these high salary players away, it could be a quick fix. The leafs have enough money to still pay for the salaries in the AHL without really noticing a thing.

We saw Anahiem try to trade away Ilya Bryzgalov, without succession, so they placed him on waivers where he was picked up. We could bring Clemmensen up, and place Raycroft of waivers. If he gets picked up, thats good for the Leafs, if not then he’ll go down for conditioning in the AHL now battling for a job with Prospect Justin Pogge.

Simon Gamache showed some good sides during his time with the big club, he may not be a huge star 1st or 2nd line player, but plays his butt off each night and cant be any worse then Steen or Stajan. Andy Wozniewski is not a NHL caliber player in my mind. Anton stralman when up with the big club was able to skate move the pick well and make some smart moves, and also couldnt hurt this team any worse.

Kris Newbury is another one of those firery players who isnt doing to bad with the Marlies and i believe should get another chance of the big team instead of guys like Battaglia (who really doesnt play anymore). Yes he may just be a fourth liner but gives this team some added grit and energy.

These are just a few of my suggestions, I dont consider them that Outrageous, or impossible, but i’d like to know what other fans think. Hopefully none of those Raycroft, kubina and McCabe for 4 draft picks, we got to think realistically here, though it wouble be nice to be able to ship those players in a huge package it wont happen. But you certainly can in this years copy of NHL 08.

Thanks Fellow Leaf Fans!

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