Will Flames put Iginla on trading block?

So when does Calgary general manager Jay Feaster place Jarome Iginla for sale?

And if that were to happen, would Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren grab Iginla before Boston’s Peter Chiarelli?

Both these clubs are looking for help on the wing.

Truth is, however, the Bruins are in far better shape to make a deep playoff run than the Flyers, who increasingly appear to be a “bubble team” that may miss the playoffs.

Look at it this way. On Thursday morning, the Flyers and three other clubs had 17 points – the same as the eighth-seeded Tampa Bay Lightning.

Yet the biggest difference was that every one of those other teams had played at least three less games. That’s six possible points – eight in the case of Carolina – sitting there the Flyers can’t get.

That is what is so precarious about the Flyers’ situation. They’ve played so many games where they’ve failed to snatch up easy points thrown at them, and now have to hope that teams ahead of them in the standings with games in hand stumble.

That’s asking a lot given all games are within the conference so every time you lose a point, someone else is gaining what you lost.

Which brings us back to the Flames, who might become “sellers” very shortly in the Western Conference.