Flyers Clear Cap For Forsberg?

The Philly papers report that the Flyers have waived Gauthier and Rathje to clear cap space to sign afforable enforcers like Dowd and Boulerice.

This would likely leave the Flyers 3.5 mill under the cap and the Inquirer suggests that is to make room for Forsberg. Homgren and Forsberg played golf this summer and Foppa has kept his residence in Philly while he recovers from even more surgery.

I personally think the Flyers are more likely to go after Teemu Salane than Forsberg as Foppa provides more of a distraction with his injuries than a benefit. With that said – either player will could make a HUGE impact if the Flyers are looking for a push over the top for a playoff run.
I could also see a prospect like Ryan Perant or Claude Gireaux get moved later in the season for a big name rent-a-player for a run. Mr. Snider isn’t getting younger and last year has to have him reeling.