General NHL News Making the Rounds today

Some of the news making the rounds this Friday include the new deal between the NHL and Rogers and the impact that it will have down the road, the future of several discouraged Capital players, what to make of the NHL and Players Concussion case and how the infusion of Ilya Bryzgalov into the Oilers organization pays immediate dividends.

On Tuesday November 26th it was announced that the NHL had signed a new 12 year agreement with Rogers Communications for the league’s broadcast and multimedia rights. The deal is said to be worth 5.2 billion dollars over 12 years and marks one of the largest broadcasting deals in Canadian history. What is significant about this deal is that it will have the effect down the road to both raise the salary cap for players and teams but it will also infuse more cash into teams pockets so that they spend more money on players. One would have to think that this deal with only work to help out small market teams such as Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton. This deal could also make it more probable that another small market team such as the possibility of adding Quebec through expansion would have a better chance to survive.  I guess that us hockey fans better get used to watching lots of sportsbook betting lines and odds and online betting commercials over the years in order to make it worth while for Rogers.

In Washington a funny situation is happening with regards to both Martin Erat and Dmitry Orlov. Both players are said to have asked to be traded from the Capitals organization for different reasons. Erat is said to be unhappy with regards to his ice time and to be perfectly honest, it appears that his production has fallen off the chart since he was traded to the Caps at last seasons trade deadline by the Predators. Once a very useful player with the Predators, Erat is now being labeled by the spooksbook people as a guys who is working his way out of the NHL.

An interesting rumor popped up this morning on a sports betting site of all places that indicated that the Canucks and Capitals could have talked about a possible trade. The problem is that the player that the Canucks would have sent to Washington is David Booth, who is mired in his own super slump and has a large 4.5 million dollar contact.  A different situation is happening with Dmitry Orlov who has been called up the Capitals a bunch on times this season but nas not yet played an NHL game. It is said that he has been called up the big club only so that the Caps can retain his rights. After several call ups by the Caps it must become a little frustrating for Orlov to be so close to his NHL dream only to be returned to the minors every time without a chance.

Last Night Ilya Bryzgalov had an immediate impact with the Edmonton Oilers and shutout the Nashville Predators in his first start with his new club. One of the biggest reasons why we think that Ilya Bryzgalov will be a great addition to the Oilers is because he is able to offer the Oilers some confidence and stability in net. Now, with that said, I am not saying that Dubnyk  is not a great goalie, but instead, what I am saying is that Bryzgalov will be able to make a few more saves and allow the young Oilers team to develop a greater sense of confidence. If I was betting on sports I would project that the Oilers will be a better team because of his addition The extra confidence is exactly what some of their young stars such as Eberle, Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Justin Schultz need. Besides, Bryzgalov has a lot to play for this season after blowing it with the Flyers and being out of a Job until November. If it wasn’t for the Oilers there is a chance that he could have sat out most or all of the season without a job.