Hitchc_ock denies Rangers, Senators strapped for cash

Where is Hitchhiker going this time? Might Brooks bring a “Miracle on Ice” in the NHL, specifically the Big Apple? Coaching search Burns Clarke’s brain? What is going on with the $enators’ financial terms?Ken Hitch***** out of the running in New York

(Souce: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/readstory.asp?story_id=2337114)

Ken Hitch***** has pulled himself out of the running for the vacant head-coaching position in New York. Hitch is believed to be uncomfortable with woth some of the big egos in New York, who he has less likely a chance of “forcing” into his system. As well, it is no secret that Glen Sather wants a rush-oriented western conference-like team, in the defense-minded east – this was a match doomed to failure from the start.

Hitch***** seems to be more interested in the Phildelphia coaching position than anything else, but what seems certain, is that Ken will be coaching again next year -somewhere.

What seemed to be a shortlist for NYR coaching possibilities is actually quite long. Besides the high-profile coaches interviewed, Glen Sather has sought out several assistant coaches as well. Seeking out a low-profile coach might have been successful for the Islanders, it might not work as well with the Rangers. You can bet Sather is looking for a coach with reputation in order to get his star players to buy into his system, and a guy like Mike Johnston is just not the guy.

So now the front-runners appear to be, Pat Burns, Ted Nolan and Herb Brooks. However, reports out of Philly indicate that Burns is also the lead candidate for their coaching job as well, and from what seems to be floating around, he’s more likely to sign with the Flyers than the Rangers, even though he has openly stated that he “just wants to coach,” and it doesn’t matter where. If Burns is out of the picture, it means Slats has his eyes on Brooks or a lesser known coach. There hasn’t been much news on the Nolan front, so i’m assuming he’s only a darkhorse candidate. Brooks is a good coach with a decent resume, and might be a good fit for the Rangers organization. His aura might be enough to get the stars on board, and his legacy might be able to attract some free-agents to the Big Apple, namely someone like Guerin. His philosophies are also strictly inline with those of Big Glen as well, and that’s always a plus.

Sens needed a cash-advance from the League

(Source: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/readstory.asp?story_id=2337056)

Word around the League is that the Sens needed a cash-advance on some league oweings in order to make it to the end of the regular season. This likely means that the Sens had a short deficit due to reduced attendance towards the end of the year, and needed it covered quickly.

The significance of this revelation isn’t that the Sens are having troubles (a lot of people knew this already), it’s that other teams often do this as well and that it brings more credibility to the complaints by team owners saying that they ARE losing money on a yearly basis. Many Canadians were skeptical of billionaire owners wanting government grants to help their investments because there was no credible source on their losses. Well i think now it’s just a tad clearer. How long will it take for the government to realise that a hockey team is worth infinitely more to the community (economically) than say…the latest Hollywood picture, filming in town?