HTR Survey: NHL Awards

Ok folks, here’s how it works:

I am doing a survey to determine, according to HTR members, who should win some of this year’s NHL trophies.

Click “read more” for details…How to participate? Very easy, simply send me a Private Message on the site with your choices for each of the following categories in it:

    HART TROPHY (MVP to his team)

    NORRIS TROPHY (Best defensemen)

    VEZINA TROPHY (Best goaltender)

    CALDER TROPHY (Rookie of the year)

    JACK ADAMS TROPHY (Coach of the year)

You have up until MARCH 31 to cast your votes I will then compile and post the results on the site. DO NOT just post a reply under this article as only PM Messages received will be compiled.

Thank you!

Marco Normandin (Lint07)

HTR Vice-Admin

95 Responses to HTR Survey: NHL Awards

  1. AfroCon says:

    Oops… got my seasons mixed up…

    Well, there you go! Even more reason to give it to Ron Wilson!

  2. hockeyhead says:

    if your 18 you can buy real magazines if you know what i mean.

    GO BRUINS and stroke books

  3. nocuphere says:

    Too funny fellas. I get the point.

  4. nocuphere says:

    I don’t know where I would have been as a 13 year old without the bra section….lol.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    bostons coach is mike sullivan there expert.

  6. PayUpSucka says:

    this guy deserves a shot in the head. It’s idiots like this guy that keep me away from what used to a decent site. Although nocuphere seems a tad crazy. I like that.

  7. hockeyhead says:


    norris-gonchar(if he was on boston all year)

    hart-st louis



  8. jpmac says:

    How many times have you seen a goalie win the Hart but not the Vezina?

  9. Sepuku says:

    I was about to say, “Your dreaming! Raycroft will never win the Calder!” then I looked at his numbers. I agree that he has the best chance. He’ll never hold in the playoffs. One round and out for the B’s.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    i wouldn’t bet on that. this is not a bruins team of recent years. and i truly doubt razor will fold in the playoffs.

  11. Furlong19 says:

    Guelph Ontario

    49 Colleage Avenue.

    Come and say that to my face if you want. I’m not scared of you. Or any of you leaf asswipes for that matter. And what’s this about me being a small little punk with zits? How does this ass know what I look like. Come meet me and you’ll see that’s the last thing I look like.

    By the way I’m not a sens fan. I’m just in advid leaf hatter in the heart of leaf country. I hate everything about this team with a passion. Especially fans like you. And this wouldn’t be the first time I pisspump a arogant leaf fan either. I get in many scraps over this team. I hate them. Bring the rest of your leaf fans. Any time. day or night. You’re mine.

  12. Furlong19 says:

    I posted my address. Come and give me that shot in the head. Mister big talker.

  13. Furlong19 says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA OWEN NOLAN!!!!!!!! Done for 3 weeks. They’re in trouble now. They talk about how tough the leafs are. Look at them now without Nolan. Their toughest guy. They’re a weak team except for the goons on the 4th line like Domi and Belak who won’t even play this playoffs. And Roberts is too old now to be tough and doesn’t play like he did 2 years ago. And tucker is the weakest guy in the NHL. Always injured and taking dumb penalties and diving. This leafs team is in big trouble come playoffs. I’d say they are the easisest team to beat in the east. Islanders are even better than the leafs. Leafs done 1st round in 5 games. I can’t wait! NA NA NA NA. NA NA NA NA. HEY HEY. GOODBYE. I’m gonna be singing that down younge street or outside the ACC wearing the jersey of whoever beats them. Can’t wait.

  14. PayUpSucka says:

    Slow down there moron. 49 Colleage ave eh? Isn’t that the gay porn house, where you give blowjobs to the highest bidder. You have too much hostility bro, you should do the rest of the world a favor and shoot yourself. I’m mailing you the gun as we speak. Try for a clean head shot will you, so your slut of a mother doesn’t have to look at your ugly face.

  15. PayUpSucka says:

    Not too often. It does happen though, but like you said it’s not likely.

  16. PayUpSucka says:

    Didn’t get your juice today did you sunshine? Mommy wouldn’t let you suckle at her teet. Poor little Furlong, nobody likes him.

  17. garyroberts7 says:

    You’re gonna be wating a long long time. It would be great to see Toronto beat your gay Red Wings, but that won’t happen considering Hasek’s gone. HAHAHA, Yzerman’s old. Who’s laughing now? No wonder nobody likes you!

  18. Enchilada says:

    Lady Bing- Bertuzzi

  19. Furlong19 says:

    Come on! You’re so brainwashed! I’m going to be waiting a long time eh. So obviously you inderectly are saying their gonna win the cup. Get real buddy. There’s easily 10 teams that have a better shot at the cup. Wait and see. Mark my words. I can’t wait to laugh it up on this site and hear what all the leaf fans have to say. Here’s the excuses:

    1) So and So was injured.

    2) The refs were against the leafs.

    3) The opposing team got lucky

    But that will all be nonsense as usual. Every year the leaf fans come up with excuses that aren’t legit at all. I wonder which ones I’ll be hearing this spring.

  20. sensman99 says:

    That’s just a stupid comment, man.

  21. Furlong19 says:

    Also I just thought I’d say this now. To the makers of this site: What the hell is Bryan McCabe doing up at the top of the site? Are you kidding me? There’s easily 100 more better players than him and at least 20 better defenceman. The guy is a joke. Hell of course you put a leaf up there. That’s no surprise as usual. But man. At least put up a better leaf. McCabe has done nothing his whole career. Got traded around from team to team. The guy’s never even been in an all star game. He only has good numbers because the leafs play him in every situation possible because they got no one else. If he was on Detroit/Ottawa/Jersey/Colorado he’d be the 4th/5th defenceman. How is putting a guy like him up there going to market this website and more importantly the NHL? Let’s get serious here fellas! It’s only gonna make the leaf fans happy. Let’s put up a player that most people like and will help market the game. Put up a Sakic/Modano/Naslund/St. Louis. Any one other than Bryan McCable. That’s a joke if you ask me.

  22. Scott24 says:

    Dude do you want people to hate you. Seriously shut the fu*k up!!!!!!!

  23. Scott24 says:

    Dude shut the fu*ck up!!!!

  24. Scott24 says:

    I remember when this site was just about hockey

  25. Scott24 says:

    You say your not a zit faced teenager.So how old are you

  26. hockeyhead says:

    please, what is all this bashing? stevie y bashing? the wings are better than the leafs dude. you know it. and i don’t think they’re gay. but anyway the bruins are making out of the east and they will down the wings. how does that sound for crazy talk? huh, what? LETS GO BRUINS. Jumbo Joe for prime minister.

  27. Amcan says:

    Well lets see how many I can name:

    Ramzi Abid

    Craig Adams

    Kevyn Adams

    Sergei Zubov

    Dainius Zubrus

    Andrei Zyuzin

    Yep a lot of people better.

    Yes for those irrigant Leaf fans, not all of you, that was a J-O-K-E!

    Anyway I doubt that there are 100, or 20 better defenseman. I know I could probably name 10-15 defenseman I’d rather chose on my team, if I had one, and well actually 100 is not far off. You figure that is just over 3 players on all teams that is better.

  28. Amcan says:

    Yes those a pretty good numbers. And I think that he should be considered, as should everyone from A-Z. But Lidstrom, Pronger, and Leetch are far better than McCabe. I mean Leetch played a lot for the Rangers next to Tom Potty, so of course he should be -infinity. But to see him on the + is a great sign. And Pronger getting abour 30 mins a game, and Lidstrom, the guy is superb. I also think guys like Mattius Norstrom should also be considered higher, or just name the Norris offensive defensman, and get a new award for the defensive.

  29. Furlong19 says:

    You seem to an awful lot about this supposed faggot house don’t ya. You must be just ringing at the bell all the time know the faggot house’s address.

    Friggin ferry.

  30. Furlong19 says:

    22! No zits on me. I’ve never had acne problems. Like that Kenny Jonsson punk who became known as the “furnace face” in the NHL. Probably got all those zits from his maple leaf days. The Toronto water can’t be good for the skin. Especially because you guys get it from lake ontario and it’s contaminated with leaf fan piss and crap.

  31. kidhenry1 says:

    Put Mats Sundin at the top of the site. Leafs fans will ***** and moan if you get rid of McCabe for anybody else. Or put Brian Leetch in a Leafs uniform…(I’m a bad person, I know.)

  32. Furlong19 says:

    but seriously though? Bryan McCabe. Give me a break. He should not be at the top. It’s just ridiculous. Would the Nhl slap him on the cover of an nhl video game? Never. This Toronto and their so called “hockey universe” and how they’re the best team and no other teams matter is just sickening. They’re not true hockey fans. Most of them anyways. They’re just leaf fans. And if the leafs weren’t in the playoffs they wouldn’t be watching. If my team goes out i still watch and get into it like no other. Last year my team lost in the 1st round in a sweep. But did I pack it in? no. I watched the ducks with a passion. Loved to see them play. I know leaf fans that just shut life right down. Not hockey fans at all.

  33. Lint07 says:

    the pic simply looks good.

    Trademan (the owner of the site) is actually a Canucks fan so no need to start whining about the Leafs being favored on this site or whatever. Hell I’m a Habs fan and if someone should really be mad at the pic it should be me, but even I think it looks cool.

    Besides, half of the people visiting HTR are Leafs fans so I see no reason to change the pic.

    *newsflash: Bryan McCabe is now considered an elite defensemen by NHL standards and will most likely be considered or even nominated for the Norris trophy this year…

  34. thomas2984 says:

    Hitch*****, what a joke – no way…he’s gone next year

  35. Sepuku says:

    Raycroft is good!

    The B’s are not.

    First round exit left.

    Heavens to mergitriod.

  36. hockeyhead says:

    how are the bruins not good. they’ve beat your beloved habs 3-0-1-2, 3-3 vs leafs….who is your team. 2-0 vs. detroit. why can’t the b’s get some respect.? eh. going to get over 100 points least amount of reg time losses. what ever non believers.

  37. sensman99 says:

    HAHAHA, half the Leafs roster are old.

  38. PayUpSucka says:

    Someone get rid of this loser. There should be an age limit here, and this 12 year old Furlong should be ousted to the kindergarten version of HTR.

    He’s turing the site into a joke.

  39. PayUpSucka says:

    Don’t even bother with this guy, he’s gay and in heat. It’s a fetish he has. He pretends to be an ass so people will pay attention to him. Furlong was dropped several times on his head as a child, and now well he’s just as gay as the red smartie. He’s looking for someone to share his childhood nightmares with. I told him already that suicide was his best option but he is a persistant little bastard.

  40. PayUpSucka says:

    Actually i’m banging that slut you call a mother right now.

  41. PayUpSucka says:

    Is there a way to get rid of this Furlong??? I will write a cheque to HTR right now to get rid of this little jerk. This site used to be a good spot to talk hockey, but little punks like this come on here and just waste space.

  42. Sepuku says:

    Let me correct myself and you. The B’s are decent in the regular season but are chokers in the playoffs and you know I’m correct. I don’t see that trend ending this year or the next…or the next…or the next and so on. Also, I am not a Habs fan. Although, they will beat Boston in the playoffs if they meet. I just pray somehow, someway that Philly could meet Boston in the playoffs. Seeing the Flyers destroy the Bruins would be a real treat.

  43. CupBoundFlyers says:

    HART—-St. Louis

    NORRIS— Chara




  44. hockeyhead6868 says:

    hahaha…na that was funny

  45. bignorth says:

    Hart- Martin St. Louis

    Norris- (I’ll be the only one to say this) Niklas Lidstrom

    Vezina- Marty Turco

    Calder- Andrew Raycroft

    Adams- Dave Lewis

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