Is the hunt for a #1 center over?

The ideal center is big bodied, physical threat. That can move across the ice with unbelievable speed. And top it all off when he gets the puck he can twist and turn around the defense getting the puck to the net weather by himself or by passing to one of his wingers. This man doesn’t exist. But JVR is not that far off from the”perfect center” at least for the leafs. He is rather large, light on his feet and isn’t that bad in the face off circle. (the few times Bozak is thrown out). With 11 goals this year he leads the time as next to Kessel he is the biggest offensive threat they have.

We all know he can certainly get into those dirty areas (bozak never does) and screens the goalie. In fact during his JR career he was a center and it is his natural position. Why do we need another center? Well when lupul comes back he is not gonna have a spot on the first line killing good chemistry with Kessel.

That;s why it is best to have the three of them together! Lupul-JVR-Kessel A perfect first line. > JVR will provide size up the middle that the leafs have lacked for a while along time > Lupul and JVR both have chemistry with Kessel giving him to targets to pass to along with two guys to set him up. Kessel and lupul (before the back surgery ) are consistent thirty goal scorers and in the near future jvr will be one too.Lupul, JVR and Kessel all play with there head, making this line very dangerous. However…… > teams will send there tough guys out to itimidate this line meaning the defensive pairing of Fraser and Franson two fighter” will have to be out there to protect them > the loss of Bozaks faceoff skills means that this line must be responsible in there own end So what I am saying is that the leafs no longer are looking for that “perfect center” because they have him and all they gave up was Luke Schenn.

Michael Lo Giudice