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Ok I know some of you didn’t like my Tom Green type joke. So I had an idea that every Monday we share a couple jokes with each other. Love to hear sports related jokes, but other will be fine as well. Here are a couple…Old one…don’t like it much but maybe you guys will…

Stanley Cup Suicide

Ron Hextal, the Philadelphia Flyers’ goalie, was so upset about losing the Stanley Cup (to the Edmonton Oilers) that he decided to commit suicide, so he jumped out in front of a bus.

It went through his legs.

For Leaf Fans:

Two kids were playing hockey on a street in Toronto. When all a sudden a dog jumps on one of the kids and starts biting him. The other picks up his stick starts hitting the dog, the dog gets off and runs away. A reporter for a local news paper sees how this kid saved his friend and thinks it is a great story for his paper.

So the reporter had an idea for the name of the article “Leaf Fan Saves Friend From Dangerous Dog”

… So he goes up to the kid and tells him how brave he is, and asked “Are you a Leaf fan?”

…The Kid Replies

“No I am Not”…The reporter thinking to him self headline then should be “Toronto Kid Saves Friend from Dangerous Dog”

Just for curiosity the reporter asks “Who is your favourite team?” The kid replies ” The one the only MONTREAL!”

Next day the kid looks in the paper for his name in the article and reads “French Bastard Kills Cute Local Dog”

Thought all Leafs fans who don’t like Montreal would like that one…and yes my jokes wouldn’t be complete with out a sick one so here goes…

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