Keenan to Return to the Rangers?

There was a report last week in a Canadian paper that suggested Mike Keenan and Glen Sather had introductory discussions about “Iron Mike” returning to coach the team he abondoned after the 1994 Stanley Cup Championship season.

This would make sense given the support Keenan still enjoys from many of the teams leaders: Messier, Richter, Leetch and Fleury. Furthermore, the Rangers seem to be unresponsive to current coach Ron Low’s plees to take the body and play smart defensively.

If the Rangers continue to allow 40+ shots a game, to struggle on special teams and to play a soft perimeter game will Keenan return?

I think it is unlikely given a couple of important facts:

1) Ron Low has done everything he can with this team and the players genuinely like him.

2) Ron Low’s brother is dying of brain cancer and it is unlikely even Sather would fire him in the midst of his personal troubles.

3) The Rangers have shown flashes of playing better.

4) Keenan is still somewhat hated my the Garden faithful for his premature departure after the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994.

5) Keenan has a history of not getting along with GMs and Sather wants this to be his ship to run.

What does everyone else think about this?