Kovalev coming back to NHL?

Alex Kovalev, who turns 40 in February, aims to return to the NHL and says he has a couple of tryout offers.

The Russian spent last season in the KHL with Atlant Mytischi but played only 22 games because of injuries. Once an offensive star in the NHL, Kovalev managed only one goal and five assists.

The winger was in Switzerland this week training with the Servette Geneva team. Kovalev said he plans to go to the U.S. to work out but did not identify the teams offering tryouts.

Kovalev has 428 goals and 596 assists in 1,302 regular-season games with the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. He had 16 goals and 18 assists in 74 games with Ottawa and Pittsburgh in 2010-11, his most recent season in the NHL.


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  1. reinjosh says:

    So I have this theory about Burke. I’ve seen Nords argue it before, and I’m just musing on it more.

    Basically, I think Burke is jockeying for the commissioner role. This could explain a great deal of things that he does.

    1) Burke has long been against loopholes in the CBA, and even though they are legal, he refuses to use them. He’s keeping his hands clean, making sure he has a good record with the CBA. He looks like he’s trying to keep integrity by following the rules outlined under the CBA. Plus he’s keeping himself from making enemies of owners and people in the league office.

    2) He’s very active in the CBA. He’s constantly proposing new things he believes will improve the fairness of the league etc. The bear hug, the trading cap space etc. He’s actively looking to improve the league. Since he has a spot on the CBA team for teh league, he already has his hands in the next era of the league. He’s shaping it.

    3) He has the resume for it. He has extensive job history with teams as a GM, he has experience in the league as the executive VP of the league and the director of hockey ops. He has a Juris Doctor degree (same as Bettman).

    4) He’s set up succession plans below him. This one is more specualtion than anything. Nonis appears to be taking over things more and more. He was the lead on the Phaneuf deal, the Franson deal and I believe the Lupul deal. He is speaking more and more to the media, he’s been said to control the day to day duties of the Leafs. Even the direction of the team seems to follow the pattern he set in Vancouver. The slow build, refusal to trade prospects for the quick fix. Everything is starting to indicate that he is exerting more and more control over this team.

    now holes exist in this speculation. Bettman just signed a 5 year extension recently and most owners are fond of him. But it’s an idea.

    • 93killer93 says:

      I think Burke would make a good commissioner. Like you said he seems to be active in proposing ideas to help the game.

    • LN91 says:

      Just get over it…Like I did. No way to discover theories or things like that…Trying to solve the issue.

      Leafs stink…Period. Let’s leave it at that.

      • kessel_leafs81 says:

        totally right, lets not talk about rumours even if its theory rumors on htr and just stop posting about leafs cause they suck..

      • JoelLeafs says:

        You got over it? Then why to you shit on the Leafs at every possible turn, even when it’s hardly related to the discussion at hand.

        Life must be tough, living under a bridge and all.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Also, another reason Burke might be against long term deals past 7 years (what he reportedly offered Richards)? Insurance only covers contracts for seven years.

  3. 93killer93 says:

    With Del Zotto still unsigned, and New York low balling him, I wonder if Edmonton would consider trading for his rights. He fits with the core of the team and could work with Schultz on the powerplay. I think Paajarvi and Omark should be moved for a young defenceman. Looking at Edmonton’s lineup for next year I don’t see too much room for them.


  4. LN91 says:

    Let me guess? Toronto’s big move of the summer was signing the once up-and-cpming/emotionally fragile that is Paul Ranger?

    I know it’s the Marlies but so much for this organization looking for character.

    • 93killer93 says:

      I like the move. adds depth. I don’t blame Burke on not making a big move yet. I think he needs to wait until the CBA is taken care of to make a big move. It’s an AHL contract, I believe, so all it does it cost the team money. Hopefully he can get back to the player he was, he might get a crack at the roster next year.

    • dumbassdoorman says:

      I long ago before his hiatis from hockey called for the Leafs to acquire Ranger. I am happy they have signed him, I think he is young enough to return to form. Now no one actually knows why he stepped away, except for that was not substance related. That being said, I don’t think it is fair to kick at his personal life not knowing why or what caused him to walk away. I think this will prove to be a good signing.

  5. reinjosh says:

    Wow Hall hit the mother load with his deal.

    7 years for 6 million per? Does anyone else think this deal is high and based almost completely on potential?

    The guy hasn’t broke 55 points or even played 70 games. I realize he was playing pretty well last year but come on. 6 million?

    Seems like Edmonton was rushing to get a long term deal before any potential CBA deal makes a limit on contract length.

    I suppose it’s not the worst deal. If he stays healthy and grows even more, they are looking at a pretty good deal.

    It just seems…premature for a guy that has exactly been a healthy player in his first two seasons.

    • JoelLeafs says:

      There is definitely plenty of risk there, but imagine if he grows into the player we think he’ll be. Being paid 6 min in years 5-7 for what may very well be a 100pt player could be a steal. Plus, though I highly doubt the players will swallow it, but imagine all players are forced to take a, say, 10% pay cut and contracts over 5 years are banned; could result in a very good situation in Edmonton.

      But if he regresses and becomes a 25 goal 50 point guy they could be in trouble.

      Overall I think it’s risky doing it before the new CBA is signed, but it could end up being high reward.

      • reinjosh says:

        It’s a completely fair point. I suppose it’s sort of in line with what Tavares and Skinner received.

        It just seems like a big, big commitment for a guy that hasn’t even played a full season yet. What if he never plays a season for more than 60 games? Even if he hits PPG, is that worth it? Maybe?

        I imagine they want to make sure they get him long term and prevent a potential lock on contract length.

        But killer makes a good point. What about Eberle? The kid has led the team in two straight years and was the better player last year between Hall and himself. What is he going to ask for now?

        And RNH after next season?

        It seems like the deal, while I suppose not entirely not entirely brutal, is a potential rabbit hole to a bad position.

    • 93killer93 says:

      I think it’s a little much. Tavares signed for 6 years at 5.5 million per after coming off of a 67 point season and a strong showing at the World Championship. On TSN they were saying Eberle could ask for more than Hall because of the stats he put up. I expect them to lock him up for the same money and term, and give RNH a similar contract next year depending on what happens with the CBA.

      • reinjosh says:

        Could ask for more? He should ask for more.

        He played at a very comparable pace last year, and actually led the team in points and was second in goals. He played 4 more games and only scored one more point than Hall but if they had both played a full season, Hall would have scored only 2 more points than Eberle.

        And Eberle was clearly the better player this year. By far.

        • 93killer93 says:

          They were saying the Oilers would argue Hall has the draft pedigree and he’s the face of the franchise. I think Eberle deserves more, but I think he’ll take the same money on maybe a different term. I think they set the bar with Hall for what RNH, Eberle, Yakupov and to a lesser extent Schultz will make. If Eberle signs takes 6 million per theres no way RNH or Yakupov gets more. They have to sell him that this group together is going to be competitive for at least the next decade.

          • JoelLeafs says:

            Am I the only one that thinks this notion of a ‘draft pedigree’ is utter nonsense? I mean, who gives a fuck how high you were drafted? I mean, how much money would you give Daigle? On the Hall Eberle debate, I have to say the logical thing, given Suter Parise, is to give them the same term and money. They are both great young players with tons of potential and both carry some risk, but I can’t fathom how draft legacy should factor into their respective contracts whatsoever. Nail could flop just as easily as he could become a 100 point player, discussing his contract 3 seasons down the road is pointless at this time.

            *not ripping on you, Killer, just the idea.

            • reinjosh says:

              Nope, you are not the only one. It always annoys me when people use pedigree as an argument for one player over another. Great, Player was drafted high and player b wasn’t. Player B has still shown more game.

              I recognize why people read into it. A player is often drafted high for a reason. So that “draft pedigree” indicates a certain potential he has. So a player like Lupul, who just broke out, has a certain pedigree that indicates that at one time, someone thought he could play like he did last year.

              But to be perfectly honest, once a player is drafted, pedigree means squat, and in fact might hurt a player through the expectations that pedigree holds. Pedigree has to be one of the more annoying argument points in hockey to me. and to be fair, I’ve fallen into using at times before. But it annoys me nonetheless.

        • While Eberle has the better stats, most Oiler fans on forums call Hall the better player. They say he drives the line forward and gets the dirty areas for that line. They expect Hall to be paid more than Eberle.

  6. reinjosh says:

    I saw an interesting question on HFBoards.

    Would you rather no lockout or a lockout and your team gets to draft Nathan MacKinnon?

    • 93killer93 says:

      In a perfect world, there would be a season and we’d draft MacKinnon. As much as I want there to be hockey, when I really think about it having a lockout would benefit the organization more. They would have great odds at getting the first pick and it would give Burke another year to fill in major holes. The Marlies would be a lot better, and the free agent group is pretty deep in net. Howard, Nabokov, Khabibulin, Lethonen, Backstrom and Smith are all UFAs.

      • I rather have a season. I’m getting older now… I look forward to hockey every year. I don’t go out as much during the week anymore, so I’d rather watch some hockey.

      • Shoelesshobo says:

        Well lets assume they use the same format as the last lockout with the Lottery like they did for Crosby sweepstakes so we would have what 3 balls? I like our odds of tanking the season over bouncing balls. Not too mention I feel like this whole “random ball.” nonsense is rigged. Now I know I am sounding like Kramer but I found it odd a troubled franchise in Pittsburgh ends up with a player who ends up turning around the franchise. So I feel like there is no way Bettman would hand over a franchise maker in Mackinnon to a team like Toronto who does not need him to sell tickets.

        • mojo19 says:

          MacKinnon to Phoenix. Lock it in.

          • 93killer93 says:

            It would definitely be fixed if that happened with Phoenix only having one ball. I think it would be easier to justify Columbus winning it.

            • reinjosh says:

              The difference between 1 and 3 balls isn’t all that large. I think someone on HFboards worked out what the possibility would be under the system the NHL used last lockout, and it was like 6 percent chance for teams with three balls (like 6 of them I think) and a 2 percent chance for teams with one ball. 50 balls total I believe.

              So the difference is 4 percent. Hardly a huge difference, meaning a team with one ball could feasibly win the lottery and it not be a huge statistical anomaly.

  7. What the hell happened here?

    • 93killer93 says:

      I’m guessing all the drinking posts, and any replies to it got taken down.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        Which is kind of funny.

        Drink. Drank. Drunk.

        Bye-bye post. lol.

        • JoelLeafs says:

          Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak because a baby can’t chew it. -M.T.

          • mojo19 says:

            Very nice Joel.

            And ya, I don’t remember anyone saying anything offensive or rude in those posts. I wonder why they would be taken down?

            Oh well, not like we’ll miss them, but I tagged a couple of legitimate hockey comments to the bottom of that thread about Yashin, Kovalev and Satan, which are now gone too.

            • JoelLeafs says:

              Also, are there really people reading this who would be offended by the crazy reality that most people drink. How is this a big deal at all. No offence, TradeMan, but who is being protected?

    • reinjosh says:

      They didn’t just delete the drinking posts. I returned some posts to your Eberle comments, and they deleted them too…

  8. leafmeister says:

    So, I work at Centreville amusement park on Toronto Island. Brian Burke tried to take his kid on my ride today but she was too short. True story.

    I asked about the lockout. He said its too early to tell.

    No way to prove this, but I swear its true.

    • mojo19 says:

      That’s sick, man. I actually believe you.

      • dumbassdoorman says:

        I actually like how there was no bashing of him as well, stuff like what an arrogant blowhard or whatever. This makes me assume(I know never do it) that he wasn’t an assclown. That is a cool story man.

        • reinjosh says:

          I trust people on HTR more than I would on HFboards. So I’m inclined to believe those that post on here as long as they have posted on here for more than like two times.

          Very cool story leafmeister.

          Anyone else have famous encounters with NHlers or athletes?

  9. mojo19 says:

    Pretty sure I had some comments on here about Yashin, Satan, and Kovalev, and a back and forth conversation with one of the HTR regulars.

    This is a little unorthodox.

    • reinjosh says:

      A lot of comments were deleted. Drinking comments, your comments on old “retirees”, some Eberle comments. It’s a little odd. I figure it was some mixup of some kind, not censorship.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        better be just a mix-up, like just a system restore kind of thing or whatever. Otherwise there is a chance that your posts will be deleted for no reason which means I’m done.

        No point putting time into something that wont be there seconds to days from then.

  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    So Josh, lol, I swear I read your name one TSN ticker this morning, turns out it was Joel on the websites, signing with the Argos, lol…any relation?

    On a hockey note can’t wait for more awesome player comments after the latest proposal on how the owners are just greedy billionaires who want more money. LOL, like the players don’t? Anyway when will these guys relaize that if it didn’t work well for MLB, NBA or NFL players it isn’t for them either? Those leagues are vastly stronger in the states, give your heads a collective shake boys. Even retired players are saying they won’t win it’s the owners league….ughhh, I so smell no hockey.

    • mojo19 says:

      The players are greedy. They’re compensated really well to do what they love and they want more money….

      Business owners assume all the risk. When Charles Wang lost $10-20 million a couple years back I don’t remember him going after all his players saying “hey guys I need you to all chip in a couple bucks, we lost money.”

      The players need to lower their expectations a little. I think the latest offer by the owners is a decent one and there shouldn’t be much of a fight from the players side. Be happy, not greedy.

      • dumbassdoorman says:

        Ya I don’t think what they realize is that us the fans have zero sympathy for them, period. It is not a strong enough sport south of the boarder to survive a lockout, IMO. When a former respected NHLPA memeber suck as Guerin publicly states lett ing go to a lockout is a mistake look at the other sports, I have even less sympathy for the zero I already had.

    • reinjosh says:

      Haha actually yes. Cousin. He just got cut from the giants.

      Both sides are greedy. Different levels. People have to just accept that and look at it from a business standpoint. Who is more greedy? Who deserves what? I’ve seen arguments for both sides.

      But unfortunately I also smell no hockey. Unfortunate indeed.

  11. 93killer93 says:

    Eberle signs 6 years for 36mil. So same cap hit as Hall. Good move by the Oilers locking both of them up.

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