Leafs are forced to trade.

The Leaf trade deadline situation has the Leafs against a fence forcing them to make a trade. This is because the Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the largest fan based NHL teams in the league. Not having a monster scoring first line up like the top contenders have the leafs looking very small. The Leafs Need a fix but are in rough shape to make it no matter how desperate they are. If the leafs were to make a move and possibly trade Sundin it would not be enough alone. trading an older player near retirement is not worth a Top player and draft pick, which the leafs would expect and nothing less.
The leafs would be in another slum, as this new player in no way at all a for sure return next season. Thus leaving an even weaker Leaf team. unless a high draft wonder out of that pick is chosen, I highly doubt. So if the Leafs really want to be that contending team they would really need to go crazy this deadline try and land Hossa, Tanguay and high draft picks. The only way to do that is to let go of a few players who the Leafs just don’t want to and can’t without a rough time in the process. Mcabe and Kubina are extremely expensive for their worth. So unless the Leafs want to trade them with draft picks to someone who is equally expensive the trade just wont work. So in conclusion the BEST move to make for the leafs is to trade a lot of players and their captain for top contending players who get the points. Players the Team should consider trading in order for this process are Kubina or Mcabe, Sundin, Steen or Stajan, Blake or Tucker. All the best to the players and coaches they are doing a great job keeping the push in every game despite loses. Also Leaf fans Lets all cross our fingers come deadline Eh.