LECAVALIER In the Blue, White And Red !

I recently wrote an article intitled ”Look for changes if the Habs don’t win” in which I mentionned that the administration will not tolerate another season without making it in the playoffs.

Another defeat yesterday has turned an incredibly great beginning of season in almost a disaster, 5 losses in 6 games, for a record of 5-5-1 . Many say the loss yesterday was related to the injuries to Theo and Hackett … WRONG ! This team CANNOT SCORE GOALS ! Beside B. Savage, the Habs have nobody who could score goals.

There has been 11 new players added to this team, but no player to fill the lack of a goal scorer. I’m not critizising Andre Savard, he’s done a great job ! BUT he has not been able to get a goal scorer! Juneau, Perreault, Dackell, Kilger etc are great players, but not scorers!


Savard has a chance of a lifetime. Lecavalier is unhappy in Tampa. And for those who think it is not true, well just say to yourself there is no fire without a spark.

What could possibly Savard offer Tampa for lecavalier ?

Anything TB wants: (these are just examples)

-Hackett or Theo: good and reliable NHL goalies. Definitly better than Khabibulin or Weekes.

-Rucinsky, Petrov: Established and constant players in the NHL. Both very fast skaters.

-Brisebois: Offensive defenser. Scored over 10 goals last years.

-Youngsters like Zetnik, Bulis.

-First round picks. Never go wrong with that!

-Money. Yes Money. We see that in Europe where teams give money for players. Montreal has more money than most of the people think. Lets not forget they still have the highest attendances in the NHL.

New majority-owner Gilette and co-owner Molson showed there interest in V.Lecavalier in the offseason. They will be willing to pay the price.