Lets move on shall we…

Yeah i reread what i wrote, even i do not understand half of what i said.

It was Canada’s game, and still is credited with the creation of the sport, but when was the last time a canadian team even won the cup? (92-93) And only 6 times in the last 20 years. Its everyone’s game. I’m not saying american born players are any good, cause we all know that most of them are not. So lets move past this, we all share an interest in the sport of hockey, lets build on that, and not where the game started.

To answer some questions that were brought up in a previous post. 70% of all NHL’s are of North American decent. I can not find anything that breaks it down further or i would have referenced it. I’m sure a majority of those players are Canadian. I will never again mention anything about this in further posts.


If anyone is interested, the papers in Philadelphia are going crazy with trade rumors. Reports no longer have the Flyers going after another Goalie.

Simon Gagne, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and Mike Knuble will not be traded. Peter Forsberg may be traded before the deadline if his contract extension isn’t in place by then. Rumors now have the Atlanta Thrashers and Canuks (Who have been interested for a while) still asking for him.

Also Ottawa is hunting for a Center. Since the recent injuries in the position. They asked about Forsberg but no trade will happen between the two teams.

Hab’s showed interest in Fedorov but was told that he won’t be traded. But his 6 million dollar Salaray is well higher then his worth. They’ve also been noted showing interest in Morrison and Prospal. ALso expect Niinimaa and Bonk to be moved. Both have an estimated 2.4m/year salary.

Everyone should be ready for big moves in the next month, St. Louis is going to flood the market with their old players. The Coyotes are looking to move Nagy, Comrie, and Doan.

I will also keep everyone up to date on Tampa/Florida rumors since i’ve recently located to Florida. (No passionate fans what so ever here, it was nice to get yelled at while talking about hockey for once)

Flyers suck etc…