Luongo shrugs off trade rumours to Maple Leafs: Cox

Luongo has done a very good job so far of playing the good soldier while GM Mike Gillis sorts out potential trade scenarios. The Maple Leafs still are interested in the 33-year-old netminder despite his nightmarish contract, but aren’t willing to pay the price in players and prospects that Vancouver is demanding.

Florida may or may not be interested. Washington? Just speculation at the moment.

“I just get ready to play,” said Luongo. “Whatever decision it is is fine. Whoever starts Friday is good.”

The Canucks have played seven games, and Schneider has started four, Luongo three.

“I think I was able to build off Monday,” said Luongo of his solid play in a losing effort against the Kings. “The more you play the more comfortable you feel. That goes without saying.

“I just take it for what it is. I’m playing hockey in the NHL. I consider myself lucky.”

The Rogers Arena crowd greeted him enthusiastically on Wednesday, bellowing “Loooooooo!!” on even the most pedestrian of saves. Based on the audience’s reaction, he’s certainly not viewed negatively here at the moment, not viewed as an obstacle to obtaining other assets for a Vancouver team hoping to take a run at the franchise’s first Stanley Cup this season.