Marlies Coaching Staff better then Leafs Staff?

First off i want to say Pat Quinn’s resume speaks for it self. However, watching the new NHL its clear that Quinn and the his staff are not quit cut for this type of hockey. Watching them play you can clearly see that the Leafs have no style of play. Where’s the marlies are a responsible defensive team with quick transition game. Maurice and his staff have done an excellent job and it shows with the players. Coliacovo, Pohl, bell, kronwall, harrison, ondrus and a few others all have done a soild job when called up considering their rookies. You can tell they keep the game simple and play well in their own end. You however, can’t say the same with the leafs, weak in the defensive zone with little offence game. The Leafs staff have not managed to get the players to play any type off style. Also consider all the challenges the Marlies staff have had with all the call ups, the injuries and the 4 rookies that started with the big team and they still managed to be playoff team. I am willing to go the distance and say that if Belak was worked with the marlies staff he could become a soild number 5 or 6th defence in the league for a longtime. Belak’s game along with kavanov’s and berg’s game has not improved over the season, where Marlies continue to get better. I know that the marlies players are young and can develop and the Leaf players are older but berg and belak are not that old and with good coaching can become better D-man. Maybe if the Marlies staff was coaching the Leafs and the Leafs staff were coaching the marlies, we would see the leafs with a playoff spot and Marlies missing the playoffs. However, the Marlies will enjoy the post-season and the Leafs will enjoy Golf season.