Mats Standin Tall

Hey Listen, it’s me Gretzkin, and I know that nobody wants another Maple Leafs article and I’d rather discuss how hot Garon is in in the shootouts, how I’m really enjoying the Oilers this year as their living up to their marginal expectations, yet remaining competitive and putting on a good show, but…

I’m really digging Mats Sundin’s stance on the whole firesale of the Leafs.
He’s truly a super great Captain and wants the best for HIS team, given what he’s had to work with.

Will he be traded at the deadline?
But the fact that he’s been given the chance to speak about it, time and time again in Toronto’s media circus, you have to hand it to him.
He may be Toronto’s greatest Captain. And he’s really garnering all the respect he deserves.
He says he doesn’t want to go, but we all know he is. For his team.
15 teams scouted him the other night, and this will continue.
I hope that he and Cliff make an outstanding decision.
I hope that he has a great time making a run for the Cup, and I hope he gets the chance to hoist it.
This is coming from an Oiler fan, but the way this guy handles himself, regardless of whether you love the Leafs or Absolutely Hate them, you have to hand it to Mats Sundin.
I spill this bit of Alexander Kieth’s for you Mats.
Go Oil.
I dunno… Trade Proposals or something?