Montreal Canadien Deceptions

Hi All,

After my post on the Habs top 5 revelations so far this year, here is a list of the 5 players that have been underachieving so far this season.

#1 – Micheal Ryder: This guy must be the biggest deception in Montreal. He’s a one dimensional player (a shooter) who isn’t paying the price to position himself to get good quality shots. A quick stat that sums up my disappointment – 4.3% shooting percentage. The only players in Montreal with lower shooting percentages are defensemen.

#2 – Bryan Smolinski: A minus -5 on a 3rd line doesn’t cut it. He’s on pace for -17 this season. At 2 million/year I expect more from him. He makes small mistakes every game. Last year Radek Bonk finished the season with a +-0 and the Habs didn’t make him an offer. Even though Bryan will make more points that Radek did last year, I’d be very surprised to see Smolinski finish with anything above a +-0.

#3 – Mark Streit: He seems invisible on the ice and has the worst +- on the team (-7). I like this guy but I think he can do more 5 on 5. The points are there but most them come from the powerplay. Averages less than a hit per game (15 hits in 24 games) and averages less than a blocked shot per game (20 in 24 games). He’s great at getting the puck out of the zone but would greatly benefit from player with a bigger defensive defenseman.

#4 – Francis Bouillon: Speaking of Streit’s defense partner, Bouillon has NO points so far this season… 0 goals, 0 assists!!! He has a big heart but lacks the size and defensive ability to overcome Mark Streit’s defensive shortcomings. I would definitely consider trading Bouillon and his 1.875 million dollar contract. Maybe the Habs should callup Ryan O’Byrne at some point.

#5 – Guillaume Latendresse: I’ve placed him in 5th position because I think he’ll produce more on the first line but the jury is still out on that one. I hope he doesn’t end up being my #2 deception!!!! He has a physical presence but his inconsistency and uninspired play earlier this season have been disappointing. Thank god he’s thrown his body around!!!!!

The only players of this group I see getting traded is Ryder and maybe Bouillon.

Who do you think the Habs could get in a trade for Ryder and Bouillon?

Thanks for reading.