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Oilers defenceman Ryan Whitney apparently has been to see a foot specialist in North Carolina to get his right foot aligned. He had the left done as a Pittsburgh Penguin.

The St. Louis Blues won’t re-sign Paul Kariya, who’s an unrestricted free agent after making $6 million this year.

Martin St. Louis says he wouldn’t stand in the way if Tampa Bay wants to trade him. The problem is, he’s a keeper. Vincent Lecavalier isn’t, but who’s taking on that $7.7-million cap hit for years and years to come, and a salary of $10 million for the next six years? Nobody. I wonder if Devils GM Lou Lamoriello would like a do-over on that four-year, $20-million deal for Brian Rolston, who looks like he’s lost his wheels. Rolston has two goals in his last 18 games. He had 32 points last year, 37 this season. He has two years left and he’s a third-liner.

The Philadelphia Flyers are in the driver’s seat for a high-end goalie for next season because Florida (Tomas Vokoun), Boston (Tim Thomas) and Montreal (Jaroslav Halak or Carey Price) are probably looking to move one. I still think Simon Gagne is Philly’s best bargaining chip to use on the Bruins, who are into winning now, and certainly on the Canadiens, who are always looking for a French-Canadian forward. Florida is looking to get younger and probably would want Claude Giroux instead.

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  1. albertateams says:

    If Montreal decides to move Price you would have to think it would be to a western conference team, unless they get an out of this world offer from Philly. Trading Price within your conference just has too many ways to come back and bight you in the ass for the next decade.

    I wonder if Montreal would do this trade:

    Edm: Price, Hamrlik
    Mtl: Cogliano, Penner

    Montreal dumps Hamrlik's salary, gets a power forward, and a speedy RFA. Edmonton gets a young goalie to build around.

  2. Kramer says:

    Iceland should get an NHL team. Move the Thrashers there.  The Iceland Volcanoes.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Its not too bad. Montreal gets rid of a little salary and get two nice forwards.

    Edmonton gets a goalie who is much younger but take on salary. I guess it makes sense because Hamrlik is only on for one more year, so if they have no intention of competing next season and see it as a transition year, it would make sense.

    But I would agree, this type of player, you have to move to the other conference unless you get a huge, massive offer.

    Its probably a big reason why Phaneuf was traded to the Leafs (something no one seems to mention).

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