NHL Odds Updates in Wake of Trades


It’s been three weeks since the NHL Trade Deadline sent the entire league into a state of delirium. Well, there has been a ton of hockey played following the deadline, which means now is a good time to check on the odds of some teams to win their division or the Stanley Cup following their wheeling and dealing over the trading table.

First off, we have the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks weren’t supposed to be one of the busiest teams at the trade deadline, but Patrick Kane’s injury was enough to drive Stan Bowman to go all-in and trade for Antoine Vermette, Kimmo Timonen, and Andrew Desjardins. Of the three, it’s Vermette, who’s helped the team the most. Jonathan Toews, in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, described Vermette as being “good on both sides of the puck” and makes “wingers better not only 5-on-5, but he can kill penalties.”

The Blackhawks are 7-2 in nine games since the trade deadline, so there’s really little to argue about now as to whether Bowman pulled the right strings or not. Chicago is currently +700 to win the Stanley Cup.

Another former Coyote who’s fitting in nicely with his new team is Keith Yandle. Yandle, a two-way defenseman with four 40-point seasons on his resume, is proving to be a very valuable asset for the Rangers who are aiming for another Cup run this season. That was evident when Yandle finished with three assists and a plus-three rating in the Rangers’ 7-2 annihilation of fellow contender Anaheim. The Rangers are 8-2 since the acquiring Yandle. Their current odds to win the Eastern’s Conference’s berth in the 2015 Stanley Cup are +210 at this US sportsbook.

Not all teams are reaping rewards from trade deals, however. Take, for example, the struggling Preds. When Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli were acquired by Nashville mid-February, many branded the deals as home runs for the Preds, who were leading the Central Division by five points at that time.

But based on Nashville’s 5-10 win-loss record since the two made their debuts in Preds uniform, it seems that all Franson and Santorelli did was infect everyone on the team with the curse of the Maple Leafs. Nashville still has time to turn things around, though. With nine games left to play, the Preds trail the St. Louis by just a point for the top spot in the division. As of this writing, the Preds have a price of +1,200 to win the Cup this season.

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    What day is the nhl draft lottery?

  2. lafleur10 says:

    thanks….. i’ll be watching i wanna see who wins the lottery and see where macdavid goes
    leafmeister if the leafs don’t win the lottery who do you want them to pick? i think they’ll pick top 4

    • LN91 says:

      I think/hope they pick at 4 as well…Damn new lottery system!

      Toronto can use any of Hanifin, Strome, or Marner…However, I hope they pick Strome due to what Toronto has, compared they do not have.

      In terms of Nashville’s pick, I would actually see if I can trade down (not that far down) to have 3 picks in the Top-60 instead of 2.

    • leafmeister says:

      If they stay at 4 I hope they pick Strome or Hanifin. Addressing their need for a big #1 centre, or big #1 D would be a huge win for this draft. I would be happy with Marner too, but less so.

      My preference for who I want the Leafs to pick (assuming they don’t win the lottery) would go:
      1) Strome
      2) Hanifin
      3) Marner
      4) Barzal
      5) Werenski
      6) Provorov

      On another note, what kind of deal would NJD make for Kessel? If the Leafs could get a 2nd top 10 pick for Kessel I would be all over it. Adding two of the guys listed above would be a huge kick start to the rebuild.

      • nordiques100 says:

        agree on that ranking.

        I am interested to see what happens at the draft if the Leafs can either use the Nashville pick and current roster assets to move up in the draft, maybe with the potential to land any one of the last 3 players on your list.

        Or, move down in the draft, pick up extra selections.

        Or, add a 3rd 1st round pick.

        The two teams who have rumored interest in Kessel, Columbus and Florida are selecting 8th and 11th respectively. The Avs, who are also in the mix for some current Leafs select 9th.

        I wouldnt mind any pick from 8 to 11, but any Kessel deal will depend mostly on what else is offered up besides that 1st round pick.

        • doorman says:

          I have often thought about that, like Clb has two early second round picks, one o which is ours. u I think I wold want to see who is available with the Nashville pick first. Or Could they get creative, Kessel & Nash 1st for Clb 1st, both 2nd’s and Kerby Rychel?

        • leafmeister says:

          I think they would be better off trading Kessel straight up for another top 10 pick than keeping him. If they can get more, great. However the thought of keeping Kessel for the long haul is very unappealing. He and Bernier dragged them to mediocrity last year, and that could happen again, which would be once again half-assing the rebuild.

          Their is a very good chance that whoever they drafted with that pick would turn into an impact player at the NHL level, and would be the same age as the Rielly/Nylander core. That would do far more in contributing to a winning team 5-7 years down the line than an old, bitter Kessel whose past his prime after wasting all his good years in a rebuild.

          The Kessel/Phaneuf era in Toronto has been a failure. It is pointless to try and salvage it. This team is rotten to the core, and needs a massive overhaul. It is time for all sides to move on.

          • nordiques100 says:

            I think Kessel is worth more than that. timing is important, you don’t want to lose out on the chance (that is lose out on guarantee top 10 vs a mysterious 1st rounder in a future year).

            That being said, a young roster player, maybe another 1st or 2nd, maybe even another prospect along with this top 10 pick is probably required for Toronto to move Kessel. Even if the team “has to” move him.

          • nordiques100 says:

            I should say too, that is what i think Toronto would ask for, not necessarily what I think Kessel is worth. Nor do i think Toronto would get 2 1sts and a roster player plus more for him.

            I would take a top 10 pick, a young roster player + something small (like a 2nd) for him personally

  3. leafy says:

    For the second time in one week, both Leafs and Sens fans went home unhappy.

    I can’t wait for this final week of the season to end. I’m getting a bit tired of rooting for the opposition and the anguish of watching the standings.

    • nordiques100 says:

      Thankfully Carolina is still ahead of Toronto, has 2 games in hand, and play the slumping Wings twice, the Sabres once and another non-playoff team the Flyers.

      Here’s to hoping they win 2. They can’t finished tied. The Leafs have more wins.

  4. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Indulge me pleas because the insipid uniformity of opinion given by the close minded half wits of HFboards astounds me…

    Connor McDavid for Hall, RNH and Yakupov?

    Is this an overpayment of epic proportions on Edmonton’s part?

    Hall – stud winger that can only play 50-60 games a year
    RNH – twink 2nd line center on a contending team
    Yakupov – borderline top six player on a contending team

    McDavid – at this moment the most valuable commodity in the league.

    Is that a ridiculous evaluation?

    • nordiques100 says:

      Its not a real overpayment. Given the success or lack thereof of the 3 Oilers, there isn’t a whole lot of wow factor there. Yes Hall is an impact winger, but RNH is a solid but not game changing centre and Yakubov has shown nothing.

      • doorman says:

        I don’t think Wallace was saying it is overpayment, I think he is saying Oilers fans are saying it is? But that’s nowhere close to landing McDavid, IMO.

        That being said, how many here do go to HFBoards these days? I never used to but since our group has shrunk so much I find myself there regularly. I have seen former posters here on those boards.

        • nordiques100 says:

          I hardly ever go there. More people yes, but I’m a traditionalist.

          The only issue here is if there are too many articles and conversations get lost in the shuffle. Other than that, everyone here is fine and I enjoy conversing about hockey with them.

          Well maybe not that doorman fellow. oops! i didnt see you there! lol

          • doorman says:

            I wouldn’t talk to me either, lol. The group just used to be so big and seems to be fading. The conversations here are more insightful and enjoyable for sure.

            • nordiques100 says:

              The thing i enjoy is that a whole lot of us were here at the beginning or at least close to the beginning of the site. And we’re still here!

              It has though turned into a Leaf centric site among members yes with I think Lafleur the only non-leaf fan around who actually comments. But, there are not any of those Leaf fans who will argue to death that the Leafs, as they currently are, are the greatest still. I think you find them at HFBoards more.

              • doorman says:

                Yup, like I said conversations here are better I just wish more of us were left. I know I was a member and read a long time before posting. The thought train is shifting a bit over there and the site has some decent posters be this will always be home o tspek.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I have to link it because it’s hilarious

      The thread was closed for being ‘unrealistic’ as opposed to all the gems on that site.


      Yeah, everyone at worked laughed at the Oilers side too.

      Only other thread closed…


      From mods to general posters, just an ocean of recessive genes expressing themselves.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    The playoff matches currently set up now with the standings as they are will be great.

    But i would love to see these 2 series happen. Boston vs Montreal and/or the battle of NY. I think that would be totally epic.

    Even Ottawa vs Montreal would be a hell of a series! I am pretty sure the people at Rogers are like dreaming for the Jets and Sens and Flames to all make it to give them 5 Canadian teams in the mix. They need a big first playoff the network does to I think make this season a success. I don’t know about you, but i have found the coverage to be meh all year. A lot I guess due to some of their regional announce teams to be awful at best and then they get national exposure.

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